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Checkered Flag Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Am very glad to share our happy Saturn memories. I am proud to say we ran out last Jan. 2nd and traded in our cream puff '02 LS300 for a new Aura XE and love it to death. Though I still miss the '02. She had the V6 and wing so was fast as a bullet and had maybe 60,000 miles on her with never a lick of trouble. We live in downtown Chicago so in the last year we've only put 3,000 miles on the Aura and she's garaged and still smells new--even with our dog riding in the back.

We got our first Saturn in Nov. 1994 at Saturn of Trevose, PA just outside NE Philadelphia. SL2 Blue Sedan. We'd been married a little under 2 years at that point and both of us had never had a new car - just used ones from our parents growing up. We went up on a Saturday (24 year old kids) and I remember the person in the showroom just asked me for my license and let us test drive a new one off the lot by ourselves with no questions! We were both so scared that we would get in an accident that we drove maybe for 10 minutes and brought it back but that was all it took. The look and feel and I remember you still didn't see that many on the roads even though they had been out a couple of years. We felt like we were really part of a club from Spring Hill Tennessee from the commercials - a company that really cared.

Back then they were built based on the options you wanted so we were just in heaven along with the fixed prices. When they called about a week later that she was in we ran up that very night and I let my wife drive it the first time. Had maybe 6 miles on it and that new car smell. We drove her to well over 100,000 miles and a move from Philadelphia to Chicago - with never a hint of trouble. In '98 we traded her in for a new SL2 and I got my sunroof! Drove her until we got the new '02 LS300 again with no trouble and then the 2009 Aura we have now.

Hard to believe we're now into our 17th year with Saturn. My wife and I feel we will keep this one until the wheels literally fall off it. Considering how good they are and that I'm 42 it's going to be a long time.

Long Live Saturn!!
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2000 SL2
Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Saturn is dead, long live Saturn!

My dad test drove a 1992 SL2 in late 1991, and I went with him to the dealer (Saturn of Doylestown). The saleswoman told me to hit the car with a rawhide mallet. I was 6, and was reluctant, because I'd done the same to my dad's '88 Jetta with a ball peen hammer and he was less than thrilled. I whacked away and nothing happened. Being a kid obsessed with cars, I started pointing out every Saturn I saw on the road. That lasted for a few years, and faded away. Then, at 17, I bought one.

I've had three, a '93 SL2, a '97 SC2, and my current car, an '00 SL2. I have driven them in 10 different states, in ridiculous heat, incredible rain, and deep snow. They were my first car, and they are my current car. They've carried countless people, audio gear, instruments, furniture, and even building supplies. I've taught 6 different people how to drive manual in them. They've driven up Mount Washington on vacation, forded a creek in West Virginia on the way to a bluegrass/moonshine festival, been tailgated on at a concert in Hershey, PA, driven through Philly during a blizzard, and autocrossed in 3 states. I've changed an untold number of horrifically-placed oil filters, 3 ECTS sensors, 3 radiator fans, 2 alternators, 2 fuel filters, 2 ignition coils, and 1 clutch. I've worried about sending a diff pin through the transmission housing. They've been with me as many girlfriends have come and gone, and were there when I proposed to my fiancee (who drives a '97 SL2). I have no idea what car I am going to drive if something happens to my current SL2, because I'm sure as hell not going to get rid of it; it has 141,955 miles, and it runs better than it did sitting in the showroom.

Thanks, Saturn. I may curse you once in a while, but I don't mean it.
'00 SL2m- DD, 186K miles
'05 Honda CR-V- wife's DD and my upright bass hauler
'84 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk- toy
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2009 VUE 2.4L
Sad Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

My favorite story was about the last vues we bought at our Saturn dealer in Joliet, Illinois. Everyone there was family to us. We walked in to pick up our new cars and they had them both sitting in the front showroom window next to each other. One was marked his and the other hers. We laughed so hard. We were so excited, you would have thought we had never bought a car before. We used to stop in on Saturdays and have donuts and a cup of coffee with the staff. Everyone knew us and we loved all of them. We still send Christmas cards and invites to some of the staff. How do you say goodbye. They and their cars will NEVER be replaced. We have vowed to drive our vues until the wheels fall off. We don't even know how to shop for a car in a "regular" dealership. Thanks for the memories Saturn of Joliet, Illinois. To Paul and Christian and all the others that were so very kind to us.

We will never forget. It's been a wonderful ride. (1994 - 2010)

God Bless everyone

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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

My favorite story about Saturn maintenance is that I don't have a story. always ran, never a problem. I've owned 3, all ran reliably.
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2008 AURA XE
2003 VUE 3.0L
Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Hello Charlie,

It was a pleasure having been a member of Saturnalia. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Happy New Year to you and your family,

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1996 SL2
Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Thank you SO MUCH for this forum! Without it I would not have had the resources to rebuild two of my three Saturns back to life. Sad to see such an innovative approach to car manufactuing/selling die.
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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

...a different kind of car
...a different kind of company
...a different kind of webmaster
Thank you Charlie, for all these years of such an interesting, informative, and truly "family-feeling" website. I hope and pray that it never ends. If you need a little membership fee don't hesitate to ask!The wealth of knowledge here is priceless!
I researched this website for about a year before I bought my "BabyBlu" 2006 Vue.The kind help by so many members made my decision making so easy:


Join Date: Apr 2006
Posts: 9 Re: I need a Vue 6 for under $22k out the door

Here she sits in my garage,all shiny and new, looking so fine in her crome and Laser Blue.06V6fwd
I'm in love!
How do I begin to thank all you posters. You have guided me all along and helped me make a wise and fun decision. Chris I followed your advice and Bill was a pretty fair salesman.He owes you a dinner and a drink, man !
I got my Vue for $23 K, a bit more than I would have liked but shes worth it.
Again many thanks for the knowledge gleaned from here to make a wise and informed purchase. I look forward to many years of the Vue experience !
With member crj19's advice suggestion and quite a few others advice I walked into the dealership armed with the KBB and Edmunds printout, and the F&F discount, Told them what I would pay, no dealer add on bullcrap, signed the papers in 15 minutes and picked her up the next morning.Detailed to the nines, balloons on the antenna and red roses on the front seat.
BabyBlu still is in my garage looking as fine as that day that I picked her up, save for one tiny crack in the windshield.I'm nearing my last payment and BabyBlus only been in the shop once.With the help of this site DH has been able to fix little odds and ends and do her regular maintenance.This site IS so special. I've told numerous Saturn owners about this place as we all are a lucky and unique type of "family".So much of that comes from being made to feel special, by our webmaster Charlie! So thanx for the memories Charlie and lets make some new ones together...
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2003 VUE 3.5L
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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

I could write a book on this one! Would it be the new Vue I got for my wife one Christmas and the dealership had it all detailed and sitting in the front window with a red bow on it? Or would it be the the 1994 SL2 Homecoming Edition I bought for my oldest daughter when she graduated from high school (she still drives it, 389,000 miles later!) Maybe the 1998 SC2 I bought for my son in High School that he summarily totaled? (The little car probably saved his life!) I actually found another 1998 that was even "better" and gave that to him afterwards; he finally sold it a year or two ago. And on and on. Saturns have been a part of our family and our children's lives, kind of like how pets become part of the family. They each had names and while I traveled all over the country, I always knew that my fleet of Saturns would dutifully transport and guard my family. The dealership staff became like part of the family too, not because they broke down all the time, just routine matintenance.

There are a lot of things going wrong with our great country and the demise of this gallant automobile line is just one major indicator. I raise a toast to Saturn and to this site for the valuable information I have been able to gain from it. Thank you SaturnFans and thank you Mother Saturn. - David
2003 Vue, 1998 SC2 and 1994 SL2 HCE
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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

You said it all very well Charlie. There is little that I can add. Hopefully the knowledge and experience gained from Saturn will live on in the remaining GM brands but that is entirely up to GM at this point. Personally I will continue to drive my two remaining Saturns as long as they remain reliable and cost effective to operate. I am pleased with the service that I am receiving at the former Saturn now Buick/GMC dealer that I use but I have no idea what new car I would choose if and when I re-enter the new car sales market. Saturn joins a long list of many others things I valued in life that have disappeared. I will always have good memories of the Saturn people I had the chance to interact with and the many fun-to-drive, reliable, safe and efficient Saturn vehicles that I have owned. Beyond keeping my Saturns up and running, it is time for me to move on as I already have. Finally....thanks to Charlie for keeping the website on line. The technical information and advice available here is often very valuable to those of us who still drive Saturn vehicles.
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1997 SW2
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Thumbs Up Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site. It has been a valuable resource to me as a owner of 3 Saturns. My first Saturn is still going and has no signs of stopping at 129,000 miles. I don't know what I will do when there are no more used Saturns out there to buy.

Thank You!
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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

This website really helped me keep my Saturns on the road. Of all the cars I had my '95 SL1 despite it's inherent problems was a beast and saw a lot of mileage and really helped my family in a lot of ways. When it was on its last legs and we traded it in, I actually felt sad. Since that first Saturn I have since boought a VUE, my wife has an Aura, my sister bought a view for herself and an Ion for her daughter. My Mom has a Saturn as well. Great car, damn shame the manufacturers keep running their businesses into the ground!

Farewell Saturn, thanks for the memories!
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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

I am a Brand X devotee with good wrench skills and I have a lot of friends who ask for my help in working on their own cars.

I had a friend call me after diving in to the front axles of his Saturn. Not being a front wheel drive person I Googled for a Saturn Board and this group came up.

I registered and made my post. Nice people were there quickly to offer advice and help. We got his Saturn fixed and back in service in a timely manner.

You are a very nice group of people and I am sorry for the demise of the company. Saturn had a good run. They provided quality product at a fair price.

The very best to all of you.

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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Thanks Saturn for a great product through the years. I had purchased an S series car first then an L100 then the S coupe, an Ion and finally an Astra XR.
I liked all my Saturns and stuckwith them even through the changes. The dealer that we had in our city was great and made you feel like family.
Although the product changed I was loyal to the no hassle purchase style and the way that you were treated.
Unfortunately due to Saturn being discontinued I got rid of my Astra XR while there was still some trade in value. It is too bad GM quit Saturn as the Astra was a great car that I was very happy with.
Thank you Charlie for giving us home on the internet and for being a voice in trying to save Saturn.
I will always have good memories about my Saturn experience. Take care all Saturn Fans.
Member of the Mutual Admiration Society of Saturn
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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)


Wow! You've been at this since childhood? I am amazed and impressed. Loyalty like that must be rewarded. Thank you for making this world possible. This site has been invaluable, both for the sense of community, and for the tech forums, which have been priceless for both teaching and learning from others. Greatest success? Helping me conquer a fear of replacing spark plugs on an aluminum engine (based on a near-disaster elsewhere).

The journey to Saturn, for a kid who was a motorsports fan (from the days of LOTUS Powered By FORD, Holman/Moody, and Ford GT's at Lemans), had a European accent- my first cars were Opels- first a 69 Kadett Rallye, which was alternately fun, terrifying, and a huge pain-in-the-Solex-carburetor. Followed by a 75 Manta coupe with some SCCA Showroom Stock history/notoriety. As easy to drive quickly as the Kadett was impossible to. European GM- which was the only GM I would consider back then. Both cars would run lighting from Cibie and Marchal. Yeah, I was an outlaw like that.

Many years later, my soon-to-be wife and I started to look closely at this set-aside experiment called Saturn. Both for the S Series, which we thought compared favorably to Honda and Toyota, even with less-than-polished edges. And for the dealer experience, like nothing I had seen in the auto world. I speak from experience- the only job I ever walked away from was in an auto dealership- I simply had enough of the grossly abusive behavior towards their customers. The dealer experience sold us. The red 97 SL2 was our wedding gift to each other, delivered 1 day before... no better timing. Later, when my bike shop moved their warehouse out of my bicycle commuting range, came the 95 SL2, used. Despite using an extended warranty to full effect dealing with an cracked block, the 95 is still in service. 275K and counting. 'nuff said. And the 97 is still purring along, too. To the staff of Saturn of Alexandria, particularly Mark Crump, wherever you are, THANK YOU. You are fondly remembered.

Where does the orphaned Saturn loyalist go from here? Unknown. Someone out there has to EARN our loyalty. I am mindful that this is a new GM, and that the Chevy Cruze appears to be the new-generation Opel Astra, with a bow tie. But if they play the "loyalty" card, I will walk away. Wait, they already tried that- a brochure introducing me to the Cruze. My wife and I tossed it.

Saturn, the company, is gone. Sorry. Elvis has left the building. But the cars remain. The two Starduster Saturns are still here (Look for the gold star logo on the back). My cousin-in-law followed our lead and has an Aura. It's a keeper.

Last year I came across a story in one of the sportcar magazines, about an American Motors reunion. Yeah, Rambler/AMC. Could that be us in 20 years?

Hope so...
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1998 SL
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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

If I had internet alot sooner, I would have been a member sooner too!

I grew up around Fords all of my life. I remember my mom's Pinto and all the memories growing up in it as a kid. Internet on my phone had been my way of research,and learned all about Escorts and them taking over for Pintos. In 2000, a 1989 Escort was my first car given to me by my mom. I had continued my love for Escorts,buying my 1st car on my own,(with my mechanic brother's help),another 89 Escort.

If I had the knowledge from a site like this when I was 19 years old, I could have prevented my 89 from ending up getting junked. I had gotten a second vehicle, a 93 Escort wagon when I had my 2nd 89. I always liked the idea of having 2 cars. With my brothers help,I learned so much about car repairs. When the 89 got junked,I stayed with Ford,and got an 89 probe. NY salt took its toll preventing inspection. I had learned myself how to do bodywork,as i had older cars and didn't want them to look like crap! I had been plagued with rust on my cars, I just got sick of bondoing my cars every summer!

After I sold the Probe to a friend in desperate need of transportation,(he drove it illegal until he resold it) I wanted to find myself a Saturn. I had heard when I first started driving in 2000,of a "plastic" car! That meant no more bodywork every year for me! But for the longest time, they were just too much for me.

Until I found a 98 SL in 2006. The 93 wagon I had was my DD,as that car was in immaculate condition,and had a 60K mile motor put in,couple years prior. Ironically,the "Saturn" was the winter beater! to preserve the Escort longer. I found that 98 SL in 06 with 105k miles, and with an engine light on,which i swore i'd never buy an OBD2 vehicle! It went out long enough to get inspected,and gave me a year to figure it out. It turned out being just an 02 sensor!! I got the car for 1700,and bluebook was about 3400 at the time.Light or not,it still would have been worth getting!

I have a 70 Camaro,that I got in 2002 when I got the escort wagon. I had swapped motors and tranny's,and learned alot about cars and fixing them from personal experience with all my cars. After my Escort couldn't pass inspection a couple years ago cause of a rotted frame, we got a 95 Subaru legacy wagon, I just really loved my escort wagon,with a little one on the way,a wagon was just ideal.Combo of space and gas mileage.The frame was solid too!We found it for 350,AWD in NY weather is essential especially where we live. Long story short,the motor was replaced..a newer 66k motor, but again, the rot started showing on the body. We decided with a family now, we needed a newer vehicle.At least no surface rust. Our search was for AWD,or 4x4. We eventually agreed on either Subaru,or the Saturn Vue. After owning my SL for 4 years with minimal repair,and probably more for the bodykit and rims than repairs, Subaru's retained resale strayed us away. Even the Saturn Vue was more than we could afford. After hearing news of my husbands raise,we decided another car payment was within our budget. We searched the web and talked to our friend who works(or worked)at a Saturn dealer.He advised us on the 3.5 Honda motor,Saturn Vue. I have loved the design of the front end on the original Vue since I was looking for a beater years prior.I have always thought of that look as the original Saturn look. I decided on the 05, as it would be the newest of that design. It took a month of searching the internet and everywhere before we even found the Vue we wanted.

We got it from a smaller dealership, and it had higher miles. When we drove the hr and a half to look at it, we could tell it was repainted,had new headlights,and that it was a prior deer hit.The radiator,and AC condensor were both bent. The dealer had no knowledge of that,and was still prepared to fix it before selling it to us. My husband talked down 500 as per repair cost if we took it that day.With knowledge gained through almost 10 years, I still felt it was the vehicle for us! We test drove it, it felt and sounded like new! We still managed to get it for 3500 under bluebook!

I have left my love for Fords, and discovered Saturn and its wonderful Polymer panels. I have driven rusty cars so long, I take pride in my plastic panels! I laugh to myself on the inside knowing the Audi's,BMW's,and Lexus' will all be rusted out in the years to come! It was a downright shame hearing that Saturn went to metal cars! Without really knowing everything about Saturns and GM, I just had a feeling Saturn wasn't going to be around much longer.

I am thankful I am part of this site, and even though I am still a newbie, I am on this site almost everyday browsing and learning as much as i can about my vehicles,and know i will be able to get the help i need if ever the time comes that I need it.

I thank Charlie for setting up ths wonderful site,and wish I could have been apart of it a long time ago! Although I haven't needed to replace anything major on my SL...this is a hell of a car!

I have soooooo many memories in this car I never thought I would have! My lil old Escort is the one I always thought I would be able to take to a car show when it's age crept up there,and I still might be able to someday,but with the history of Saturns now, I can just say I will do what can to keep my Saturns alive! My SL goes to carshows now,as my little girl has come such a long was from being a beaters replacement, to being what Saturns were meant to be.."A different kind of car" She is the ONLY Saturn SL I have ever seen at the largest car show held every week here in WNY sponsored by the local radio station 103.3 the Edges'-Shred N Ragan's cruise nights with a custom bodykit,rims,wing,exhaust,CAI and sound system.

I am impressed with all the mileage stories here on this site, I can only hope mine will be one of those someday! If there was a circumstance where I had to replace one of my beloved Saturns, I would try everything I could to find another. I am close to an owner of a junkyard,and they are big enough that they have almost anything for any vehicle! I'm sure I could find a motor or tranny if I ever needed one, If the underneath is in immaculate shape...I would get it!

Saturn...gone,but not forgotten!
"Not for human consumption!" - Peas in the Pod!/pages/Peas-in-a-Pod/160649663950771
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Mad Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

Bought my first Saturn in 1996, gave it to my daughter who kept it till it was
damaged by a tire falling of a truck in 2004. We now have 2 Vues. The Saturn service was the best I have encountered in over forty years of car ownership.
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Thumbs Down Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

My son bought a used 2002 L series that is now owned by my daughter. As the resident mechanic and a GM owner for 40 years ( Chevrolet,Buick, Olds, Chevy Trucks) it was probably one of the best engineered and easist to service cars that I have ever worked on. To my thinking it was just plain STUPID to dump it. I could somewhat understand GM dumping Pontiac and several years ago Oldsmobile. It made no sense with Saturn other than the fact that maybe they were too well build and couldn't generate enough repair, parts and replacement money to satisfy the corporate boardroom as they tried to dig their way out of the mess they were in. Anyway it's a shame and they will be missed. Wonder also about the parts availabality. Heard years ago that govermant makes the manufactor carry parts for 10 years, but don't know if thats true. My two cents

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1998 SC2
Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

To steal a line from Shakespeare "What's past is prologue" so looking to the future the value of the site will increase as there will be no other source of information on the care and feeding of the Saturn. The community will continue.

Thanks Charlie for all you have done in the past and with any luck at all the site will continue into the future.

Yes, the life cycle of the Saturn project is a testament to large corporate management and government regulation. They killed it off but it took much longer than anyone expected.
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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

I first got turned onto Saturn by mistake in 2003 - at the age of 22, when I bought my first car. It was a 1997 Saturn SL2, Dark Green, but with power everything.

I bought it, knowing nothing about Saturn or brand-loyalty. I was looking for a car that was cool looking and fun to drive, and that little SL2 was it. Granted it had 83k on it when I got it, I had nothing but problems with it. It lasted me for almost 2 years, and about 45k, until the transmission died. Man, what a great first car. It may have been a piece of junk, but it was a wonderful first car.

It limped up to Saturn of Bel Air, in Maryland, where I bought a Black 2005 Ion 2 QC, the last one of the 2005s that they had. The best part of this was, it only had 957 miles on it. The guy who originally bought it returned it within the first 30 days because he wanted an automatic version. So, with a 5-speed and 140hp, that was a fun little car to drive.

By this time, I was dating my (soon-to-be) wife, whose father isn't too keen on American-made cars. In the winter of 2005, my soon-to-be wife totaled her 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee in an ice storm. During the process of looking for another car, her father recommended every foreign make from Toyota to Nissan to Honda, and more. Needless to say, she didn't like ANY of them. I suggested to her to look at Saturn.

I was having a wonderful experience with my Ion, so we all went to look; me, her, and her father. As soon as she sat down in the 2006 Ion 3 Sedan, she had found her car, and ended up buying it. Her father still didn't like the idea that she had bought an American car, since it wasn't as reliable as a Honda or Toyota.

But, in August 2006, after we had only been married for 3 months, my wife got t-boned on her driver's side by a BMW 3-series car that was going about 55mph. She walked away from that accident with only a scratch on her left elbow. Seeing as how her driver's side door was where the middle of her driver's seat used to sit, the paramedics on the scene told us that had she been in any other kind of small car, she would have been on her way to the ER. They also told us that thanks to the plastic polymer panels, that little Saturn had saved her life. After that experience, and seeing the totaled mass that used to be the car, her father became much more open to Saturns.

One of the cool parts of the wreck situation (aside from the fact that she was still alive and in one piece), we took the 16" Alloy Rims from the totaled car and swapped them with the 15" Steel Rims from my 2005 Ion - mainly since they were still in near-excellent condition.

So, we went back to Saturn of Bel Air, and she bought a Blue 2007 Ion 3 Sedan, this time, with the side-impact air-bags. Needless to say, she still has it, with only a little over 30k on it, and still loves driving it.

In August 2009, my 2005 Ion 2 QC started to have transmission issues. I had driven it over 115k miles, in all kinds of situations. So, I sold it to CarMax, and got a fairly-good return on it, partly because of the 16" Alloy Rims we had put on it, and also because I had kept it as immaculate as I could.

In my effort to want another Saturn, we drove up to Saturn of West Chester (near Philidelphia, PA), and bought me a Black 2007 Ion Redline. Now, talk about a fun car to drive, it had only 26k on it. Now, I still drive it everywhere, and it has almost 65k on it. But, it's in as good a condition as I can afford to keep it in, as is my wife's.

Now that Saturn of Bel Air is gone, the service department has moved to the Cadillac dealership next door to where the Saturn dealer used to be. We have a great relationship with the former Saturn Service Manager who works there, and take our cars to him for just about everything.

Saturn has been very good to my wife and I, and we were very sad to see it go. But, we have vowed to stay within the GM family. My wife is looking for her next car to be one of the new Chevy Camaro's and I'm looking down the road, for mine to be a 2012+ Buick Regal GS.

We have many happy memories from all of our Saturns and will keep and cherish them (especially the Redline) for many more years to come. Thank you to Saturn and to GM for designing such a safe, wonderful and fun-to-drive car. We will really miss the "different kind of company" that sold us a truly "different kind of car".
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Default Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

I was in love with Saturn as well from the first news I heard of them. I'd always liked GM, but our family didn't have great luck with them in the late 70's. I remember how Saturn was given the freedom to use any part from the GM inventory and they decided to take the radio. I liked the polymer panels. But mostly I liked the dealer experience. No haggle pricing and service that respected the intelligence of the owner. I looked forward to the time when I would be able to get one of my own.

My wife and I got married in 1993 and she had a 1988 Chevy Nova and I had a 1988 Nissan Pulsar. When the Nova started overheating that summer or the summer following, I didn't know who to take it to, so I took it to Saturn. They agreed to look at it, telling me it'd cost the minimum 1 hour labor, about $60 I think. Well, they determined that it just needed coolant and only charged me half that since it took no time to diagnose. After being charged half the 'minimum', I was hooked. We sold the Nova and got a 1992 SL2 in 1995.

We loved that car. It had 36K when we bought it and we drove it for a couple of years. We had it and a 1993 Escort and owed money on both. We really needed to drop a car payment, but we were upside down on the Ford, so our beloved Saturn had to go. (The Escort turned out to be an amazingly reliable car, though, taking me through 2006 with nearly no problems.)

Fast forward to last summer when our trusty 1999 Honda Odyssey's transmission started slipping while towing our camper. The Ody was another great vehicle, except for the transmission. We were on tranny #3, but to their credit Honda stepped up and paid for the first two replacements, one under warranty at 40K, one good will at 125K. At 203K, however, we doubted they were going to pay for #3. We needed a better tow vehicle, but wanted as close to the space and MPG of our van as possible. The GM Lambdas were just the ticket.

My first choice, honestly, was the Traverse, but we discovered that the 2010 Outlooks that were only sold to rental outfits were just hitting the used market and due to Saturn's demise, prices had fallen off. We got a 2010 Outlook XR with only 12K miles for about $5K less than a comparable used Traverse and likely more than $8K under what the sticker had been. It's towed our trailer with little fuss and served us well so far. We hope it will give us the same trouble free experience out Honda did, minus the transmission issues.

It's a bit ironic that the first Saturns, the 1991's, were sold to rental companies only and so were the last ones, the 2010 Outlooks. Also ironic that our Saturn ownership nearly bookends that, with a 1992 SL2 and a 2010 Outlook XR.

(BTW, can us last year Saturn owners get the option of picking 2010 for our cars in the control panel? Right now it only goes to 2009. )
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