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2005 RELAY-2
Default 2005 Saturn Relay

I could use some help. We bought a 2005 Relay 2 in June of 2005. It has been in the shop a number of times for different reasons but seven times for one problem. Saturn has been completely cold about this issue. The starter hangs and sometimes it just won't start. They offered to by it back for ten thousand less than whats owed on it. The problem still exists and they say it needs an upgrade that would be ready mid June. It's still not ready. We have four boys and I am a stay at home mom. I spend alot of time in my relay taking kids to all their social events and sporting events. There for my mileage is high and this is Saturn's excuse for offering ten thousand less than what we owe. I really feel they are punishing me for being a mother and taking part in my children's activities. I also take care of my 89 year old grandmother and I constantly fear of being stranded with her or my boys because my car won't start. We live in Texas and it gets pretty hot in the summer. I really feel after reading all the complaints with the Relays everyone should come together and sue Saturn. This is our first brand new car and it has been a complete nightmare. My sons last baseball game was a month ago and he had to get a ride with a friend because our car would not start. I was in tears and my husband was steaming. Luckily 30 minutes later the car started and we did not miss the game. I'm lost on what to do. If anyone has any idea please let me know.
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1994 SL1
Default Re: 2005 Saturn Relay

because sueing always fixes the problem. The way this country is going you will get sued for farting in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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2008 VUE 2.4L
Default Re: 2005 Saturn Relay

We bought our 2005 Relay at about the same time you did. I also have 4 kids. The mileage on my van is over 23,000 which I'm thinking is pretty high since we haven't had it a year yet. We put our miles on mostly because of medical issues with my youngest and my 2nd to youngest's disability. My van is going in the shop again on Monday.

We've had the brake issues....the bad one that thankfully doesn't seem to hit too many but almost put me and my youngest into a river. Basically when the traction control and/or ABS brakes were activated...warning lights came on and my foot went to the ground and I didn't have ABS or traction control and honestly...don't know if I actually had brakes.

We have the windshield noise...that is supposed to get fixed on Monday.

We have the flickering head lights...which they are going to look at on Monday.

We have the sound through the speakers from the DVD playing and the volume being just right at a certain speed.

We have a power sliding door on the passenger side that doesn't like to close and will keep opening over and over again...that was "fixed" before and they are going to "fix" it again on Monday.

My van shakes when I'm breaking at a higher rate of speed...thinking it's warped rotors.

My radio has been replaced. You would be going through the preprogrammed channels and hit one and there would be music and then suddenly silence and you hit it again and it goes back a station and the same thing keeps happening. Well they replaced the radio a few months ago and guess what!?!?! The new radio does the same thing. I've learned if I reprogram that preset it will work again but I guess I'll have to do this for the life of the vehicle.

Oh geez is that it?

Anyway I told the dealer on the phone today that I'm considering calling Saturn because I'm tired of my new van having to go in the shop. I don't have the time for it. This last problem as required me to cancel the appointment 3 times because of medical issues with children. So what do I do when the vehicle won't run and my daughter can't breathe? Well I guess I wait until it's so bad that calling 911 is justified rather then getting her to the ER before it's that severe.

I like my van...I like the looks, the drive, the features and we got a GREAT price. I'm sick of the problems and just want them fixed or I want them to replace the van...or buy it back and help me get into something else at the deal I had on this. We never would have traded in our old van if we didn't get this deal. So to just start over and pay normal prices wouldn't work. They offered us a great deal and so we traded our van in and so we are pretty much stuck with the Relay because we only went through with the transaction because of the deal.

So I hear you on feeling like you were taken. I'm really starting to dislike Saturn...and this was my first and probably only Saturn.
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Default Re: 2005 Saturn Relay

Remember, these are first-year models, which typically have more issues than later ones.
Don't let one sour the whole batch. Each car is different, and an experience with one doesn't apply to the rest of the similar models nor the rest of the different models from a manufacturer.
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2006 ION-3 Quad Coupe
Default Re: 2005 Saturn Relay

Originally Posted by sutton6
........There for my mileage is high and this is Saturn's excuse for offering ten thousand less than what we owe. I really feel they are punishing me for being a mother and taking part in my children's activities. ..........

Now that is a pretty stupid many miles do you have on it? It was probably a pretty fair price for the miles
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2008 VUE 2.4L
Default Re: 2005 Saturn Relay

But if you own the van that is having the problems and you are constantly at the does and will ruin it. I don't have time for this. My old van was never in the shop and now I have a brand new van that always has something wrong with it. It does ruin it. I understand it's the first year but when I almost end up in the river with my youngest child in the car because of a brake issue that had put the van in the shop twice before and it took this for them to finally do something...that ruins it.

Also as far as having a lot of miles and not getting a good price on the buy back. My theory is that the buy back shouldn't hurt the customer though it may hurt the company. Why should she be out money? Sure she drove the car...when it would run. This isn't about Saturn buying it back because she just wasn't happy. They sold her a car that didn't work and so now if they buy it back she could be put into an unfair debt because their van wasn't able to run.

I know I'm in a similar position. If Saturn were to offer a buy back I am afraid it would be less then I owe. Then the other problem is the circumstances which cause a buyer to buy. We would not have purchased this van if the price wasn't so good...we bought a sales model with about $4000 miles on it and they took a decent amount of money off because of that. If the van I bought wasn't on the lot I would not have bought. So if Saturn were to buy back my van I would be in a crap position because I would be forced to buy a crappy van becasuse it's all I could afford when I could have just kept my old can and had no problems.

Saturn should realize that it may have a loss when they sell a vehicle that isn't working properly. They may need to offer more then actual blue book value to make the situation right and not stick the customer.

Do they have to do it? No. Would I be a Saturn customer again? Probably not because my first Saturn is always in the shop and my fear right now is the possibility of having to do a buyback and being finacially screwed because Saturn's van stunk.

It's Saturn's problems yet my time being wasted. I don't have the time. Maybe if my life was normal I wouldn't be so bothered but I don't just have 4 kids...I have 1 that has CP and a myopathy (muscle disease) and is fed via a feeding tube. This child has therapies every week and is frequently at our local children's hospital for appointments. I have another child who is on the spectrum and also has therapies every week. Then there are 2 other kids, regular life and I'm in school. I don't have time to go to the shop because Saturn's vehicle isn't working properly. So my van has the initial cost of purchase and now all the time spent with me driving it to the shop and staying there while it's fixed. Just the mileage on the van from going to the shop...that's a lot right there.

I'm just very disappointed with me van and the fact that I have had to give up my time over and over again because of it.

I have had 1 other vehicle that was an issue like this...all my other vehicles were never like this. My last 2 vans...Pontiac and Nissan...never had problems. Never.
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2005 RELAY-2
Default Re: 2005 Saturn Relay

Mine has about 27,000 and has been in the shop for several other reasons also. I understand this is a first year model but I have never been treated the way Saturn has treated us. I have been very patient with this whole issue but when is enough. I have read so many complaints on this vehicle it really is getting ridiculous. The guys at the dealership have been great and I know they can only do so much. But the corperate guys are as my husband puts it corperate robots. I was always under the impression that Saturn was about customer satisfaction that why we bought Saturn. Well let me tell you this customer is far from satisfied.
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2005 RELAY-2
Mad Re: 2005 Saturn Relay

Your problem sounds extremely similar to the problem w/my '05 Relay. In fact, I just got it back from a week in the Shop (also 2 weeks in Dec. '05). They've replaced the starter and the ignition, and this time they also replaced another part (the ignition gearbox? I don't have my repair paperwork in front of me at the moment). I've only had it back 2 days, so it's too soon to tell if it "fixed" this time, but this last episode left me steaming also. The ignition key became lodged in the "ON" position, and I COULD NOT TURN IT OFF! I feel extremely fortunate that it happened at my home (WHAT A NIGHTMARE IF IT HAD HAPPENED AT MY WORK, OR IN TOWN, OR ANY NUMBER OF TRAGIC LOCATIONS!), and that my husband was home & able to help turn it off. I tried unhooking the battery myself, but it continued to run. Then my husband started yanking out spark plugs - also didn't turn it off. So he popped the lid off the fusebox & started yanking out fuses until he found the one to turn it off! Then dealing with the customer "disservice" department after this latest episode really turned me cold against Saturn. My first & last one - I'm in the process of typing up my detailed account of continuing problems and lack of resolution on this mechanical defect. I've owned several new cars prior to this one; this has been the least dependable, reliable vehicle I've ever had the misfortune to purchase.
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