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Default rear wheel cylinder rebuild information in case any1 wants it

i rebuilt both rear brake wheel cylinders in the 92 sl1
i had posted a Question on these previously so i am including my experience for the forum should anyone need it in the future

it was a lengthy and methodical job but not difficult, work on one side at a time as usual or get a cheap manual with pictures (i used the haynes) so you can put everything back together

the rubber piston seals and dust caps/end caps are difficult to replace on the two pistons in each cylinder
but with patience you can stretch them onto the pistons by hand provided you have strong fingers/hands (i have large strong hands but even i had to pause several times since the force needed is so much your hands fatigue)

i recommend that you hone the cylinders if you have a hone/drill
if not, depending on condition of the cylinder bore, you may be able to just
use sheet sandpaper and a small screwdriver to clean the interior/wall (wrap sandpaper around screwd or small cylinder that fits and push in and out and rotate)

clean with break cleaner spray and sandpaper a few times til the insides are like new, a good seal is a must -- when i put the pistons back in they were very tight (good sign, if they are not then the cylinder metal might have rusted down or worn down and you basically cannot rebuild them so just buy new in that case)

i had bought the rebuild kits a # of years back when the wheel cylinders were running around $35~40, they are much cheaper now, like under $20 maybe $15 if memory serves so the savings isn't as substantial as it once was

i believe the kits alone were around $10 back when the wheel cylinders were in the $35-40 range so it was worth it

now i do not see the rebuilt kits listed at at least one supplier anymore (only checked 1 so if you need/want them shoparound they may still be avail.)

haynes says not recommended to rebuild but i don't see why
there was nothing unusual as far as wheel cylinders go and i've rebuilt my share over the years, the saturn wheel cylinders are very solid/well built

but if the new cylinders are 1/2 the price of a few yrs back then
your savings isn't much for the extra work involved

in my case i already had the kits and my small leak had grown enough to get me working, i replaced shoes while back there also naturally
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1992 SL1
Default Re: rear wheel cylinder rebuild information in case any1 wants it

Wheel cylinders for rear drums costed me 10$ CAD. shouldnt be much mor then 15 US.
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Post Re: rear wheel cylinder rebuild information in case any1 wants it

I just recently purchased two rebuild kits for the 96. They were $7.50 each. Wheel cylinders were $15.00 each.

Not a big difference but on other vehicles (read rear wheel drive) replacing the wheel cylinder required taking off the metal brake line. 9 times out of 10 they were rusted together. Now you are replacing brake tubing. That can be a real PITA.

Saturn rear wheel cylinders are attached a lot like front calipers. They have a flex line, block, and banjo bolt setup. Much simpler removal.

I would say to try opening the bleeders on the wheel cylinders first. If they give you any problem don't bother and repace the whole wheel cylinder. If they come loose hit them with a little never seize before reassembly and go for it.
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