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Default Backup Sensors - Self Install?

Anyone installed their own backup safety sensors (audible type)? There are some that I have seen around but I hate buying untested products.
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1995 SC1
Default Re: Backup Sensors - Self Install?

I haven't done it, but my neighbor did it himself on his Dodge 3500. He got it done in a day, but he's now a heavy drinker.
This is one fine, plastic example of American engineering!

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Default Re: Backup Sensors - Self Install?

I had these done on my 2007 XR and regret it. I had heard that depending on the type they don't work that well. Mine are visible as they are stuck on each side of the rear license plate - 2 sensors. Whenever the weather is very cold or snowing, raining etc. they constantly beep so they are of no use when this happens. When the weather is dry and not a deep freeze they work fine. I've had the Outlook in and out of the shop several times to check for shorts, faulty wiring, etc and they've changed the sensors as well to no avail. I'm likely having them removed in the next couple of weeks as Saturn dealership also gave me a hassle about Warranty coverage. In saying all this, there is another type I was looking at that are inserted in the bumper from behind (I believe they remove the bumper and core out the foam and insert the sensors). You can get 2-4 sensors inserted with this type. They may not be susceptible to inclement weather and are supposed to be the superior type. Lastly I wonder if Saturn will retro fit the set you can get when buying new. I plan on looking into that unless anybody already has an answer. Good Luck!
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Default Re: Backup Sensors - Self Install?

I hate to bring this up again, but why didn't you guys buy the kind of Outlook, equipped with what you wanted, right from the beginning? I don't get the logic of buying a stripped down car and while you're driving it off the lot you're already thinking: "I'll add this, and I'll add that, and I'll the other thing I didn't get, and I'll finally have the car I want." Why not just get the car you want from the beginning?

When I drive a car off the lot, I know I won't have to add a damn thing between that moment and however long I keep it. It's piece of mind and satisfaction. You never feel frustrated, wishing you had added this or that.
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Old 01-10-2008, 02:08 PM   #5
paulstefano is on a distinguished road
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2008 Outlook XE
Default Re: Backup Sensors - Self Install?

I went to a local custom sound shop and had an Audiovox in bumper unit added. They charged $90 for labor, so that seemed worth every penny for me not to do it myself. I know that would have turned out to be a disaster.

They work well, except for one thing: Since they run off the reverse light power, they are on whenever the reverse lights are on. Why is this a problem you might ask? Well, I didn't realize this until after I installed the sensors, but the Outlook parking lights include the white rear backup lights.

So, when I have it in park at night, the sensors are activated. So, if I walk around the back of the car, they beep. It's worst, though in a parking lot up against a wall, or another car. The sensors beep the entire time, until you turn on the car. I have this problem a lot, as I hit the locks on the key fob, then I load my baby into the car. So, the entire time I'm loading up, the sensors are beeping. Very annoying.

But, I have to say, the sensors are well worth it. They make backing up easier, and help a lot when getting into a tight space.

As to why I didn't get the option to begin with? Well, I didn't think I needed it. I also didn't realize how bad the rear visibility was in this car. As soon as I got in, though, I said "uh-oh, should have gotten the sensors". By that point, it was too late.
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Default Re: Backup Sensors - Self Install?

Totally agree with getting the vehicle with the options you want at the time of ordering it. As for why I didn't get the options I wanted - I bought my Outlook as a Demo model and got what came with it. Not sure if I could've put anything else in from the dealership but I'll definitely be asking next time I go in and if possible to retro fit and if it is I will get this done. I too forgot to mention the reverse light issue as this happens with mine as well, when the are functioning properly.
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