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Default Re: Clutch pedal replacement

Originally Posted by ruley73 View Post
I've attached a picture that should help. There are three mounting bolts for the steering column and I recall having a difficult time finding them myself. The top one is the long pivot bolt and is installed horizontally. The other two are much shorter and install from the bottom. Remove the two bottom bolts first and have a buddy hold the column up when you remove/install the top bolt. The column is pretty heavy due to the power assist motor so this is very difficult to do alone.

Removing the pinch nut for the intermittent shaft/joint is not necessary.

If you haven't done so already, removing the driver's seat will make the job a lot more comfortable and removing the storage pockets from the dash make accessing things much easier

Be sure not to tighten the top steering column bolt too tight. Your steering column won't move freely for tilt adjustment if you do.

Attachment 45415

Thanks again for your reply. I have that picture but cannot find the location of those 3 bolts. I initially removed the wrong ones until i realized it didn't help me at all lol.
I have removed the seat as you suggested previously.
I also removed the storage compartment / dash panel.
I'm left with the steering column / shaft that is blocking the metal bracket for the clutch from being able to remove unless i remove the master cylinder (which seems like a HUGEE headache)

Any other way to help identify the correct bolts you are referring to?
Do I need to take off trim panels to see them?
How about the bolts underneath the steering wheel itself? removal necessary?
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Old 02-25-2016, 04:20 PM   #22
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Happy Re: Clutch pedal replacement

RULEY I Greatly appreciate your replies, and pictures!
I probably wouldn't have gotten this done if not for this thread.

I've replaced the clutch pedal (due to broken spring) as well as the top travel position switch. Which now gives me cruise control, and my clutch feels like when I first got the car!!


Thanks a lot everyone! Happy banana here
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Old 01-15-2017, 09:22 AM   #23
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Default Re: Clutch pedal replacement

OK, so I just had to do this repair on my wife's '06 Ion, and I could not figure out how to get the steering column off without completely demolishing the dash. I kinda hulked out, and got the old one out by bending the plate with the two bolts holes and the hole for the master cylinder in a few MM to get clearance over the two studs. I did it with pure rage, but a big screw driver should also work. Before putting in the new one, I used a fiber cutting wheel on a rotary tool to cut a ~3mm V notch out of the top of the two reinforcing rings at the top so the new pedal could slide in over the studs. Seeing as the backing plate bends with only moderate effort, these rings are more for positioning than reinforcement so I don't anticipate any detrimental effects, but please only use this technique if you understand and accept the risks. Also, be aware that the new part is slightly different than the original, and the stud they pre-load in the pivot joint pushes in once the pedal is in place.
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Old 03-13-2018, 12:52 PM   #24
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Default Re: Clutch pedal replacement

I just replaced my clutch master cylinder, piston rod broke just bellow plastic ball.
Clutch pedal removal was not necessary but I did anyway to check for wear at pedal-master cylinder contact point. Both had friction wear.
I was able to still use the old clutch pedal with new clutch master cylinder although some pedal play was evident once fully put together.
After reading the comments on this tthread I'm left wondering how you guys use the zip ties to limit pedal travel (picture would be perfect).
I also read about a pedal bushing, where would this bushing go, my pedal is 1 single unit, no parts on it seem to be replaceable. My car is a 2004 ion 3 .
Thanks for your help guys.
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Old 02-22-2019, 01:02 AM   #25
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Default Re: Clutch pedal replacement

Hey I know this thread is dead now but I have the same exact problem and I was wondering if you had any reference photos or any other details about doing this job. My local guy quotes me $730 for a new pedal and master cylinder but I know I can Macgyver a fix. I actually shoved tin foil into the cavity initially for a quick fix but eventually the worn down ball joint just broke up inside the bushing. Now I just have a rod with no ball joint and a massive cavity where the bushing should be. I'm thinking about using your o-ring idea and creating a new ball-joint like shape out of some jb weld putty possibly.

So you said you didn't have to take the actual pedal out of the car when you did this? Do you have to take the steering column apart to get to it properly? Thanks

Originally Posted by arfstrom View Post
That same thing happened with me. except it was -25 degrees, and 2 weeks from christmas. Wish I would have figured out the driver chair. I have a 2004 ION3, and I did just what you sugested I removed the top of the clutch with a hacksaw. I replacedSo it took it a little bit longer to manually do it. (mighy pump) or something like that. I had previouslly replaced the bushing, so when I got the new master cylinder, I have yet to have a problem with the ball slipping out. (It was really easy) Just getting al the stuff away from the fire wall. (I did a clutch job this spring. which required all that stuff to be away from the fire wall.)

What I did that was similiar to what you did, is the that I filled the cavity between the ball, and the end of the hollow of the clutch pedal, with rubber sink faucts orings. I had clipped it with a wire cutter, and filled in the hole, then used initially plasitic zip ties, then upgraded to a hose clamp or two. and crosed them at the point of the shaft was.
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Old 01-06-2023, 06:08 PM   #26
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Default Re: Clutch pedal replacement

I changed my clutch pedal. Can not figure out how to get the ball on master cylinder to stay in pedal?? Am I missing something.
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Old 01-21-2023, 12:23 PM   #27
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Default Re: Clutch pedal replacement

My clutch pedal on my 05 ion coup needed to be replaced. My friend came up with this solution since it was a huge discomfort in the buttocks. Leave the old bracket in place and just zip tie the spring to the new pedal. Then replace the old pedal with the new. It's hardly a stroll in the park, but it helps.
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