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Default False odometer reading?

Hi all,

With some of the small issues I've been having lately on my '06 Vue (extremely squeaky strut mounts, possibly bad centre prop shaft support, the condition of the original tires), I'm starting to wonder a bit if my SUV really has the mileage it states. I purchased the truck from a local "Pontiac" dealership last year and from what I've seen from these guys, I don't trust them. Is there any way to check further if the BCM was swapped at some point?

If someone swapped in a new BCM, it would change the odometer back to zero correct? When I bought the truck it had 29,000 kms on the odometer, which was pretty low for the year. I now have around 44,000 kms and there just seems to be issues slowly creeping in.

So, issues likely with a vehicle that is now 5 years old, or possible tampering with the mileage? Thoughts?
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Default Re: False odometer reading?

While all of those issues are definitely frustrating on a vehicle with such low miles, I definitely wouldn't say that they are uncommon for our Vues. Also, considering that your Vue is 5 years old and has such low miles, it must have spent a large part of that time sitting, exposed to the elements, which is generally bad for most parts on a vehicle.

The factory strut mounts are garbage to be frankly honest. Especially considering that your Vue more than likely sat around exposed to the elements for some time considering its low mileage, I would not be at all surprised if the strut mounts are in need of replacement. Many people on here have had factory strut mounts fail at low mileage when the vehicles are driven regularly, so your issue is not uncommon.

The prop shaft bearing failure is pretty early to be failing IMO, but at the same time I would not be surprised if the rubber had dry rotted from sitting exposed to the elements with next to no driving over a long period of time. When a weak part like that is just allowed to sit, it definitely will be more prone to failure.

Likewise, all of the factory tires used on the Vue were pretty bad. The Bridgestone Duellers (Duellers of Death as some people call them) are generally known for poor tire wear and bad traction. My suggestion would be to just replace them with a good quality tire and don't look back. Your Vue will probably drive and ride considerably better than it does right now on the factory tires.

While your issues are definitely frustrating, I wouldn't really call it the result of a rolled back odometer/replaced BCM. While it is possible that your dealer replaced the BCM and changed the mileage, I doubt that they would be willing to pay for the cost of brand new BCM and the potential risk associated with selling a vehicle with a rolled back odometer. As bad as they may be, no dealer wants to face litigation over something like a rolled back odometer.

The strut mounts are a pretty easy replacement if you are willing to do it yourself. The hardest part of the replacement is removing the strut top nut, but it is otherwise a very straight forward replacement. I replaced the strut mounts on both my Vues with Monroe Strut mounts and they are tremendously better than the factory mounts.

The center carrier barrier can be found on eBay for around $100 bucks and most good driveshaft companies will install it and balance the shaft for $100 to $200 depending on the company. Once replaced, your driveshaft should be good for several thousand miles/years without any issues.

My best advice to you is to just try and work through the issues and hopefully your Vue will be good to go.
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Default Re: False odometer reading?

Thanks col_dude, great advice as always. I think I've just been getting frustrated lately by all the little stuff. I'm pretty handy at fixing most things, just haven't had the time or space to dedicate to it yet. This truck will be around for a while in my world, so that's why the low mileage was key at the time... Just hoped I hadn't been hosed.

Thanks again!
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Default Noisy brake pads or noise up front when braking

Brought my vue to a car genius and he said that Saturn vehicles have "pivotable" brakes not like the standard brakes do. He said since Saturn are not in business you can purchased one for the Hyundai or Honda one of the other and after that no more squeaking!!!!!! I had the squeak for five years before I brought to this guy and he solve the problem lick split.
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