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2008 Astra XR
Default Any help would be great

Hi all, well it has been a long time since I posted but today i am in need of some help. My 2008 Astra XR 5 speed manual with only 58100 kms on it is giving me problems. Not happy at all that at only 58000kms the car is popping out of 2nd and 3rd a lot and the release bearing is wining loudly. Car shifts great and clutch is strong but now like i say 2nd and 3rd pop out alot and im wondering , or hoping rather it may be a fix that isnt going to cost me 3000 plus.

I call my local dealer in in NB and after talking with the foreman he believes it is the blocks inside the transmission that holds each gear in place. I asked about low gear oil or linkage adjustment but he feels that linkage would cause hard shifting , witch its not doing if it was out and low oil should not cause the gears to be popping out. As if it was the cause then inside damage probably has happened due to it and that said damage is causing the popping out issue.

Has any one else had this popping out of gear issue and if so what was the "cure". ?? Thanks in advanced.
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David R
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Default Re: Any help would be great

I'm no authority on the internal workings of a manual transmission, so had to Google--> Release Bearing.

Interesting result:

<<<The Clutch Release Bearing

This applies force to the release levers or fingers. In doing so, the release bearing disengages the clutch. The release bearing is designed to operate with minimum friction between the rotating and stationary points of contact. If noise develops from the bell housing area, a few checks can be done. Start with a road test of the vehicle. Listen for noise with the transmission in gear and the clutch pedal to the floor. Next release the clutch with the transmission in first gear. Noise under this condition indicates a worn release bearing or a worn pilot bearing. To isolate the two, keep the clutch pedal on the floor and shift the transmission into neutral. If the noise persists, the release bearing is bad. If the noise is gone, the pilot bearing is bad. A bearing noise that occurs when releasing the clutch pedal to engage the clutch while in neutral, but goes away when the pedal is depressed is caused by a bad transmission input shaft bearing. Always make sure that all other components are in good condition. Check the clutch linkage for binding or mis-adjustments. Check clutch pedal free play and pedal reserve for proper setting. Check the clutch fork and input shafts for proper alignment.>>>

I posted all that just so that others can diagnose as well, if needed.

At 58K km you shouldn't have any problems like what you've described. Its very likely you have something which was bad from the factory, and unfortunately its taken 11 years to get to this point.

I had a bad pressure plate (my conclusion) from the factory, gone at 140K km. Pressure plate was working at a weird angle, one half of the clutch surface was worn down. The transmission was dropped to do the replacement. After everything was back together, shifting was a lot of trouble. It never popped out of gear, just really hard getting into 1st, and really notchy in the others. Couldn't find 5th a lot of the time if I remember correctly.

Hope that description helps you a bit.

I have 212K km on my car now. I'm pretty happy with the car, though it has a lot of quirks. With your low mileage, if you are happy with the car, I'd say doing the repair might be a good investment. The alternative is another car, which is likely to cost a lot more than the repair. If you have rust coming up, electrics that don't work, and suspension issues (my car) then maybe its not a good idea.

I would also consider visiting a few more shops for opinions and pricing.
~I'm not an authority on anything~

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2008 Astra XR
Default Re: Any help would be great

I found pretty much the same . Thanks my friend and you hit the nail on the head. The car is still mint as i got it recently detailed and it wasn't hard for them to get it to like new condition. So saying that its still cheaper to have the transmission taken out and fixed then it is to go and pay for a car of the same kms and condition. Thanks again for the info my friend.
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