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Default Re: 2007 Saturn vue redline??

Originally Posted by carblegal View Post
A little of topic:

Regarding the interior differences between a Redline and Regular vue besides the seats and footwell lighting. (And Redline floor mats)

- Is the Steering wheel different? (leather wrapped?)

- Gas and brake pedals?

- Dash trim surrounds?

- What about the gauge cluster? Is that Redline specific?

I have never been in a Greenline, but whats it got thats different (interior wise) from regular vue and redline.
In regards to the interior of the Redline, for '04 and '05 the interior of the Vue Redline was basically identical to the interior of the regular Vues, except for the select few '05's that got the ebony interior. '05's with the ebony interior not only got the better seats, but they also received a matching black center console and carpet. Otherwise the interior was identical to the regular Vue interior.

For '06 and '07, the Redline had several interior differences from the standard Vues. The ebony seats, black carpet, and black center console became standard on the Redline. Also, the door panels with the matching black inserts were exclusive to the Redline. The gas and brake pedals of the '06 and '07 Redlines had chrome "sport" pedal covers instead of the standard black covers. Also, the gauge cluster of the '06 and '07 Redlines had specific Redline dark faced/rimmed gauges, but were otherwise identical to the regular Vue gauges. The steering wheel was identical to the leather wrapped wheels on all other Vue models and the dash surround used in the Redlines is identical to the standard silver dash surrounds used on the 4 cylinder models.

The interior of the Greenline is exactly the same as the interior of the regular Vues with two exceptions. First, on the HVAC controls, the AC button is a two stage bright green button instead of the regular AC button so that owners can switch between regular AC mode and "ECO" AC mode to save gas. The only other difference is the gauge cluster, which has a charge gauge instead of coolant temperature gauge. The gauge cluster also has a built in "ECO" light that illuminates when the driver is achieving high fuel economy.

Hope that answers your question
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