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Default Re: 01 SL1 head gasket and upgrades

Maybe a cam and some porting would give you 10-15 horsepower, but then again, a DOHC swap would give you 24 horsepower with room for much more.

My advice is have fun with it, port it (since it's free), throw a mild cam in (regrinds are 250-300), and enjoy it. Sure it will not be a rocket, and it may not run the best due to the inability to properly tune it, but it will have some more zip than factory.

Check out as there is a lot of information on S-Series performance, though most of it is for the DOHC variant. I only know of one member that has modded a SOHC, he goes by "Zombiesatty" on sixthsphere.

Anyhow, good luck with whatever you decide to do, and post some updates if you decide to modify it.
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