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1994 SL2
1994 SL2
Default Re: Cigarette lighter wired to ignition

There are plenty of places to get a switched power source that is adequate to power many things that wont disrupt the power capabilities of the various circuits in the car.

For instance, I added a separate "power socket" into my '94 SL2. It's not a cigarette lighter socket, but only for power. I wired the power for this socket into the power wire for the sunroof and power windows. Neither the windows or sunroof are continuously running, so their power feeding circuits are generally available to power other objects and you probably never run both the sunroof motor and power window motors at the same time. Plus how many times have you powered up or down multiple window motors? That window/sunroof circuit is very beefy to handle a lot of current.

In my case, I wanted to plug my GPS "permanently" into the power socket, and have the socket turn off when I turned the key off. Thus my GPS adapter stays plugged in and out of sight.

I stuffed the socket and GPS adapter into an empty space in the console below the heater controls. I ran it's wires behind the radio bezel, popping out at the left near the rear window defroster switch.

I also added a Cadillac auto-dimming rear view mirror to my car and ran it's power to the the sunroof power wires that were less than 10 inches away above the headliner. I'm considering changing that mirror for one with a compass, map lights, and the auto-dimming feature. Those will all power via wires that are right at the sunroof. Truth is, I didn't run the wire for the reverse-defeat feature of the mirror. I can simply turn the mirror off if I need to back up in a sensitive situation.

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