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Default Re: Flashback Friday: First Saturn Sold Today in 1990

After reading the news clip, I also wonder how the national press was already there at all, let alone at midnight. How would they have known when and where the first Saturn was going to be sold? Obviously it must have been a planned and/or staged event.

The photo attached to the story reminds me of when we bought our new Satty in '97. When we showed up to take delivery at the appointed time, our car was prepped and parked on the showroom floor just like that one. After the paperwork was completed, we were handed the keys as we posed for photos by the car. Then, as a big group of dealership employees gathered around and waved, we drove it off the showroom floor ourselves, and down the road we went. It was a little more fuss and ceremony than I preferred at the time, but in retrospect it was symbolic and kind of cool.

We no longer have the photo nor car. I wish I had kept both.
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