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Default 2000 saturnls2 wont start w;key only w/remote start PLEASE HELP(CAR STILL DRIVABLE!)

,PLEASE HELP I have a 2000 saturn ls2 I got a "Cool Start" remote starter installed about 6 months ago,then about two months ag I started having weird problems with my car,First my ignition No longer turns over with a key It worked just fine NEVER hesitated or made any noise and then all of a sudden one day I went to start my car and it turns over BUT Nothing?I can use the ignition to turn car off JUST not on???Also if I turn my car off and try to start it within 45 min it wont start yet if I wait about a hour it will start(with remote only)(security light blinks(so I turn key to Run) for ten min;;then if I turn the key back off &press start on remote it sometimes starts)(I suspected I needed a new battery since it had the original delco factory battery BUT I just installed a new one yesterday and still seems to have problem--(although me check engine light that stays on now since this started,DID turn off for about five hours,now back on though)But I thought that info might help solve the ignition problem<maybe>(LOL)...((no warranty on ignition;;(I dont think?) So I thought maybe it could be something simple that you've already heard about my husbands a "mechanic" BUT he says he dont want to fix it cause its all computerized & mess something up;;;;PLEASE HELP Or direct me to someone WHo might be able to help....cannot afford shop right now hoping someone has had or fixed this kind of problem on thier own!THANKS YOUR ANSWERS ARE APPRECIATED!!!
It turns off with key and it is still drivable just wont start with key only remote start...


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