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Wrench "Owner Appreciation" Vehicle Inspection

I received an "Owners Appreciation" invite to a free oil change and inspection from my local Saturn dealer. I took them up on it. The following was their diagnosis on my 2002 SL w/30K miles:

Brakes - front rotors rusted except small contact area, need to replace; need pads too, of course

Serpentine belt - about ready for replacement (didn't look so bad)

Spark Plugs - change 'em, 30K standard

Of course, the quote was a million bucks, but I was a bit surprised at the brakes. Has anyone else had this situation? Mandatory rotor replacement at 30K, with pad material left. Where do Satty fans go for brakes (including DIY)? Also, any tips on plugs & serpentine belts?

BTW, I did get an offer to buy my SL from one of the salespeople, who also hit me with bad news about Saturn e.g., last year for Vue Honda 6; polymer panels going away; Can't give away a Relay; and soon all Saturns will just be GM clones lioke the Relay; etc... Not news to this board, but it sounded so depressing from an actual Saturn salesperson



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