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Dizzy Re: Wolfman's Guide for Diagnosing the Radiator Cooling Fan

I get no fan operation whatsoever even with the ac switched on, and the car starts to overheat while it is ideling. I noticed this problem when the A/C started to blow hot. When the car is moving, the Air Conditioning blows cold again. I wiggled wires going to the fan, while the AC was switched on, and still nothing. This has probably been this way for quite some time, as my wife drives it most of the time, and doesn't tell me much. Oh I forgot to mention, this is on a 96 SL1. Can I assume that the fan motor is a goner? Fuses and relays seem fine, I switched the AC relay with the Fan relay (they appear to be the same according to the numbers on both) and got the same result. I hate to start throwing parts at the car hoping to fix it like coolant temp sensor and everything else that "could" be bad. I don't think its the sensor, seeing as how the fan doesn't work with the air on either. I get no check engine lights or "service" light. Can I assume that there is nothing wring with the computer?

Hope someone can enlighten me on this one. I'm betting on the fan motor, unless someone can advise differently.


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