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Default Re: getting ready for spring time engine cleaning

I'm a huge supporter of Lucas Oil and Fuel additives. You can get a hold of them at your Local Murrays or Autozone. Ask any of the guys that work there or most of the mechanics at large (both tuner and domestic) and you'll hear nothing but good stuff about them. And they're not terribly expensive.

If you're having any issues with carbon deposits, leaking seals\gaskets, etc., I recommend Seafoam. Suck it in through a vaccum line and pull a 007 for about 10 minutes, do an oil change and clean off your spark plugs, and watch your engine go "wow, I feel like a new 1.9ltr baby again!" You can also add it to your fuel as an injector cleaner, put it into your oil, add it to your tranny, etc. etc.... this stuff is UNIVERSAL!


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