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Default Re: Rear Washer Dribbling

Originally Posted by Tom92SCm
Roof rails will severly hamper the performance of the rear air deflector.

But my rear wiper still works WAY batter than the wiper on my Mountaineer did. That thing would leave about half the wiped area unclean. I bent that thing all around and improved it some but it was never great.

Slightly off topic, but have you noticed the different placements of rear wipers on other vans and SUV's? Some are in the middle, some are offset (to the right IIRC) and some are even top mounted. Personally, I like the center mounted wiper on my VUE.

Still slightly off topic, is there a separate reservoir for the rear wiper fluid? My Mountaineer had one but I haven't seen anything for the VUE.

There's only one reservoir, it's under the hood. A really long hose snakes its way to the back.


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