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Default Saturn won't start

I posted earlier in the How-To section so if some of this is a repeat I apologize. Anyway my Saturn won't start. It is not the battery; it hasn't missed a beat through the five days of mass confusion since it wouldn't start. I have checked the Crankshaft position sensor and measured 800 Ohms so I assumed that it was fine. With both ignition coils installed I get absolutely no spark. I am checking for spark using a spark checker that is fully grounded. I was conducting an experiment with the left ignition coil off and saw that the right coil was capable of spark. I checked both of secondary contacts on the right coil and sure enough I got sparks from each. So I went off and purchased a new coil for the left side. The car still did not start and the sparks that I once had on the right coil were no longer present. Luckily Auto Zone took the coil back.

I don't think it is the Ignition module. I get the same resistance across both primary coils. I am checking the left set of primary coils and the black lead is on the left and the red lead is on the right. To get the same resistance on the right set of primaries I have to switch to red lead on the left and black lead on the right.

Any suggestions?


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