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Default Re: 05 L300 ECM codes

Thanks for the info. My mistake, the first code was P0442, but I'm assuming that doesn't really change the calculus any.

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
P0440 -

P0455 -

These two error codes points to several areas related to the evap system. Keep a broad perspective while checking things. Some may or may not be obvious.

If this car resides in the rust belt states, check for severe corrosion on the smaller vent pipe running next to the fuel feed pipe between the fuel filler and tank. My L300 popped either the P0440 or other code indicating a small evap system leak. I replaced the gas cap but that didn't fix it as time passed. I think P0455 occurred next and checking the service manuals for evap system piping and components led me to the fuel pipe and adjacent vent pipe. The vent pipe corroded from winter salting until breaking at a bracket mount, allowing fuel vapors to escape. The fuel and evap pipe run between the fuel fill door to the tank and exposed to road salts. The fuel and evap system are sealed when the engine's running as evap system tests are performed during every engine run. Fuel vapor pressures and vacuum are tested to determine if the evap system is intact, leaking or if electrically operated valves are faulty.

I posted my dilemma in a thread a few years ago with snapshots of salt corrosion.


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