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2007 AURA XR
Default Re: Should I get my Aura fixed or look for a new car?

If you have a whining noise, it probably won't be fixed by the Coolant Crossover pipe. When I did mine, since I had to drain the coolant anyways, I did the water pump and thermostat also, since most items were already off for those.

You would want to determine where the whining noise is coming from roughly. If the whining noise changes when the wheels are turned, it would point me in the direction of a power steering issue. I would check the fluid level in the reservoir first to see if it was low. If the whining noise changes with the gas pedal being pressed while parked, then I would be pointed towards one of the belt driven accessories, like Power steering, Water pump, idler pulley, or AC Compressor. If it changes only while driving and not while parked, then I would lean towards something in the transmission or suspension, like an axle, wheel bearing, etc.

With the leak, if you can wipe your finger on the liquid that leaked out, you may be able to determine what is leaking. Blackish and thick would be oil. Lighter brown to reddish would be power steering fluid, brighter or dirty red color would be transmission fluid, and watery light orange/yellow/clear would be antifreeze. Be aware, that is multiple things have leaked in the past, then they could mix.

If it is your coolant crossover gasket, you will probably start losing coolant at a quick rate, about 1-2 quarts in a week, depending on how much is driven. I was constantly filling our car up since it was winter and I didn't want to have to crawl under in the snow. I would notice it was low when we couldn't get the heat to come out very hot.


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