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Default Re: Should I get my Aura fixed or look for a new car?

Originally Posted by gpartrid View Post
Don't feel bad, OP. I can relate on every level.

I've only got ~50k miles on my XR and have sunk ~$2,400 into her over the past 8 months (albeit half of that was for dealership labor). New turn signal stalk, new front bushings and struts and one or two other things at the dealer.

Good luck with the repairs.
Yeah, the parts are generally fairly inexpensive, it's just the labor is the big chunk of it since getting to the parts alone takes awhile. I've also had to have the signal stalk replaced a few years ago. I think they said that it was a plastic piece that broke on the inside so the signal stalk wasn't resetting after the turn. It's starting to happen again, but I'll just have to turn it off manually instead of paying to replace it again.


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