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Default Re: Should I get my Aura fixed or look for a new car?

Thank you. The steering system stuff was kind of weird. It had had steering problems for a month or two until I took it in. That's when they replaced the steering pump. Then it started leaking fluid within a few weeks. My mechanic actually closed after 20 years so then I had to find a new one.

The water pump was replaced in the summer of 2011, so I don't think there's any warranty still on it. The struts thing makes sense and is something that I will consider more like replacing the brakes or the tires, a maintenance thing, rather than a repair.

As I was typing out the thing about the A/C I realized I didn't ask for much more information. I remember him mentioning some reason why but I can't really remember for sure though.

From what you're saying it seems like it wouldn't be a bad idea to get the repairs/maintenance done. I've just been a bit fearful that things will continue to pop up and feel like I'd keep paying for repairs, and wouldn't know when to cut my losses. This gives me a bit more of an idea that I'm being a little too "chicken little" about this.


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