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Default Re: Should I get my Aura fixed or look for a new car?

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
Are you able to compare projected operating costs for Honda's or Toyota's and throw in equivalent repairs without specific histories to each model if you choose to buy one of them? With so many variables, there's a possibility of trading one set of car maintenance for another without realizing costs. Most costs are saved if diy, not if relying on a trusted repair shop. Less if a less than honest repair shop is used. Vehicles always depreciate and require maintenance as they age no matter who makes them. With long term ownership, a vehicle without payments still costs money but may have less operating costs; insurance and upkeep. It all depends on your perspective of you sit down and weigh everyday costs with projected expenses compared to unknown vehicles without a comprehensive history to compare future costs. The value of vehicles become less important as much as reliable transportation unless other means of transportation and considered and giving up a personal vehicle.

Thank you. What you wrote is what's been going through my head for a few weeks now, almost exactly, but I don't think I could have said it so well. I did post the question here to also get other Aura owners' opinions on the reliability overall of the Aura past 125,000 miles. Maybe I've had bad luck, but maybe compared to other cars, the Aura is generally more unreliable.


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