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Default Re: new to me, 2006 saturn vue 102k miles horrible grinding in rear when AWD is engag

my actual axle stubs move up and down inside the rear differential the entire tripod with the splines and all, probably 1/4" or more movement up/down, maybe even 1/2", i guess i could video it when i put it back on the lift, and its not a groan noise its making, its full on grinding type sound but it souonds more like a rubber wheel grinding away at the rear bumper, kinda like if a tire got caught on the inner fender liner, goes away as soon as the rear axle is disengaged. I tested the AWD out by driving it into the very waterlogged field beside my house, its a pretty steep angle so i gave it gas to go up the angle from a stop and the front wheels started slipping and the rear would engage but anytime the rear was engaged it sounded horrible, it was so loud that my neighbor about 125-150 yards away came out to see what all the noise was. so figure that the noise is loud enough that on a quiet day someone could hear it a complete city block away.


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