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2004 VUE Red Line
Default Re: Key stuck after radio install

It's never don't this before. Once it turned all the way off after running in the driveway for about 20 min, I took it for a half hour drive while I listened to the new radio. I came home, the key cycles fine and I haven't had trouble since.

I was looking up cylinder lock replacements on YouTube, specifically for a 2007 vue. It looked do-able. Where I place the new tumblers in same order as the old cylinder...

I have new keys I had cut with my orig key that was already 8 years old when I got it. I'm gonna try to see how they do. Other than the orig key coming out regardless of position, it works fine.

However, sometimes when I turn the car off and pull the key out, the outermost "slot" isn't always all the way to off. In that case i put the tip of the key in just enough to turn it that last 1/8" and I feel it pop into place. If that makes any sense. I should mention it takes no pressure to do this, I kind of just "help" it along..

I understand deca talking about the wheel lock too. That is a pita when it happens but this wasn't the case here.



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