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2004 VUE Red Line
Default Re: Key stuck after radio install

I was gonna take the stereo out and see if that worked, but after taking the window switch panel out and unscrewing the cubby hole, I looked at all the guts around the shifter and pressed the shifter button a few times and everything seemed to be moving. All the clicks were heard in the ignition and under shifter. After doing that, my key turned and came out

I don't know if that did anything or maybe the battery dying while the key was in ACc caused it to be stuck and eventually it came out because I've been sitting here with it running for about 15 min while checking stuff out? I'm confused, but it works again.

One thing, since I've had this (2012), I can pull out my key when ignition is in any position. So maybe my ign is going bad? Maybe a tumbler got stuck, not allowing it to turn?

I feel it has something to do with battery dying, but not sure why. Prob nothing to do with radio other than I let it die while screwing with all the bells and whistles on this thing. Either way I feel like a bonehead and welcome any criticism.



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