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Default Re: 2000 saturn sl oil and idle issues

Originally Posted by nedford View Post
I recently bought my first saturn, and for the most part do love it. It was a slightly shady buy though at only 700 bucks, but it had 200,000 miles on it and from what I visually inspected didn't seem that bad at first. It was said it had some issues with the pcv valve and it was spitting a little oil out the exhaust pipe, so I bought a new pcv valve for real cheap and had less issues but less reliable idle, then shortly after changing the oil filter(which yes I know the original could have been reused if it hadn't broken in the process of me removing it), I had many issues with the oil aka seafoaming out the exhaust and way worse idle issues. This confuses me cause performance wise it runs as if it were getting fine compression and all. I tried reading more into it and some sources say it could also be the egr valve. Please help me brainstorm?
With 200K on the car I would run a Compression test, Plus a tune up couldnt hurt, Does the car have a service engine soon lamp on? Any list of parts that were replaced or serviced on the car?

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