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Default Re: 95 sl2 wont start , just replaced timing chain

Originally Posted by PlasticCarsRock View Post
I would double and tripple check the plug wire routing, and definitely do a compression test. (Disable fuel and ignition for that test by pulling the PCM B fuse, and be sure to hold the throttle wide open and crank the same number of cycles for each cylinder.)

If you have fuel, ignition, and compression, it should start. Having the timing off by one tooth would definitely cause it to run poorly, but it should still start (people have done it, before).

A bad ECTS or IAT (OR the connections for either) can cause the engine to run very poorly and/or stall repeatedly, but it will typically at least sputter a lot when you try to start it (still worth checking, though). The second coolant temperature sensor (single wire) doesn't matter for engine operation, so don't worry about that: it's part of the gauge circuit and nothing else, so you only need to worry about it if the gauge isn't working correctly, and those were brass from the factory, so they don't have the problem the plastic ECTSs had.

Just to double check: you timed it with the dots on both cam gears up, and the crank key up, and installed the timing chain such that a colored link lined up with both cam gear dots and the double colored links were exactly opposite the crank key, correct?

It doesn't really matter if the cams are perfectly straight up (you really don't need to do anything to hold them in place). As long as you can get the chain on, with the colored links lined up with the cam dots, and opposite the crank key, it will be correct.
Correct, The colored links directly on the dots, with the dots strait up , But The crank key was at the 12 oclock position as stated in the alldata,lined up with the mark on the block. Before I took the old chain off I turned the engine manually until the cam dots where strait up, and the #1 cyl was at TDC, after it lined up i didnt turn the cams or crank when I put the new chain on. Could it be 180 degrees out?

Lets say the chain is on perfectly and compression comes back good. What else is left? The fuel pressure regulator? weak coils? mabye the ICM?


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