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Default Re: 95 sl2 wont start , just replaced timing chain

Originally Posted by fetchitfido View Post
Hope you meant to say Crank Position Sensor, not Cam Position Sensor (no cam position sensor to replace).

I don't know why but any time I've done engine work that disconnects the fuel lines it goes from not getting fuel at all, to flooding with fuel. It sounds as though flooding is the problem, so did you get 2 different part numbers for the CTS's or two of the same?
I'd also verify the splice for the new 2-wire sensor connector is good (soldiered, not crimped), I don't believe it cares about polarity but a bad connection with the 2-wire sensor for '91-'95's won't show on the gauge.

Spark plug wiring:
1234 [cam cover end]
4123 [coil pack end]
with 1&4 routed next to each other.

It should still start & run with a camshaft 1 tooth off, but it won't run very good. If compression is less then 180psi it really needs a rebuild, though I've seen posts from people with a running motor down to ~130psi.
Yes that's Correct It was the Crank sensor, The coil packs did jump spark before I replaced it but I went ahead and threw one at it anyhow it was only 15 dollars. I have verified the spark wiring, The engine is pretty fresh I built a re man about 30,000 miles ago, I will verify compression never the less. I will double check the connection for the new plug as well. I did not solder it yet I used wire nuts for a short term solution until I took my solder station home, I will go ahead and solder tomorrow. And yes I agree on the flooding. My fuel pressure gauge lost its o ring so I cant verify the pressure is high I just know it jumps up and drops down because its leaking from the connection on the gauge, I will get a seal and ensure fuel pressure is not too high.

The reason I replaced both coolant sensors is I replaced the temp gauge sensor first thinking that was the ect, Then I read and found the engine sensor was the 2 wire lower sensor, The part numbers where different , I did change the 2 wire one with the new brass version.


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