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Default 95 sl2 wont start , just replaced timing chain

Hello all, I would appreciate any advice, I have pretty much hit a mental block on this car.

I sold the car to my part time employee, He has been driving it for about a year, He is disabled so he cant work on it himself so whenever something happens its on my plate, so I find out he had been driving it for some time when it was making a ton of noise, he didn't tell me because he didn't want to bother me with it, I diagnosed the noise and told him it needed a timing chain tensioner, The timing chain was hittnig the valve cover. So I planned the repair and told him to not drive unless he had to. He informed me the car would run OK until it got hot, it would lose all power and not be able to accelerate, Would spudder and die sometimes. But after it cooled down he could start it and drive it fine. Until one day in front of my store it started up then sputtered and died then wouldn't start again, I immediately got upset and told him he probably ruined the motor the chain probably broke and he bent some valves.

So I towed the car home and started the tear down, After I got it apart I found out the chain did not break and no teeth where skipped, but the tensioner was hosed, It would create tension then lose it all. So I hoped a new chain and tensioner would get her back into action. So I replaced the chain and tensioner, I used the all data instruction , lined up the crank at tdc , Lined up the cam sprockets, (was only able to get a drill bit in the front cam, The rear one for some reason could not find the hole , but I did eyeball and the dot looked like it was perfectly lined up where it should have been. After installation I turned it over by hand many times and it was smoooth , quiet and looked to be perfectly where it needed to be. So I put the car back together and filled her with oil. Now the car turns over and sounds exactly like it should but will still not start. At this point I think maybe there was something else going on with the car when it died and it wasn't actually the loose chain. So I start digging into possible failures.

The Car has spark, Has fuel pressure, I have replaced both Engine temp sensors, I replaced the plug for that same sensor as well, I have replaced the cam position sensor, I have replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires. If the car sits for a period of time when you first turn it over it actually tries to start but spits and spudders and dies, After that it simply turns over, If I floor the gas pedal to turn of the injectors it pops like an intake backfire. I have pulled the plugs and they are soaked with fuel, I have multiple times blown the fuel out of the cyl with the plugs out, put a teaspoon of oil in each cyl and ran the 30 second cycles to clear bad starts, I had read this forum up and down and I am at a point where I'm not going to keep throwing parts at it until I figure out whats really wrong, My next steps I guess are to run a compression check on the motor. If compression is good my only other guess would be if that back cam was possible a single tooth off, I don't see how it could have been but I guess its possible since I didn't find the drill bit hole. But before I tear it all the way down please give me any tips or possible some insight on something I have overlooked. Is it possible the coil packs are bad and its giving spark but just not enough?

Thanks so much and please let me know if you have any additional questions! Free beer to anyone in corpus christi tx that would like to take a look in person.


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