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Default Re: SL2 Coolant Issue

Originally Posted by Thrashplayhere View Post
Once I replaced the parts I refilled the coolant reservoir with water just in case the sensor didn't fix anything. Now, I need to figure out the best way to drain the water and replace it with real coolant...

1. Undo the drain bolt at the bottom of the engine block (the Richpin video on thermostat replacement will show you where it is). Also undo the radiator drain plug. Drain everything into a bucket or drain pan. Redo both plugs.

2. Flush the system with some automatic dishwashing detergent (one tablespoon) and one gallon of distilled water.

3. Drain out the system.

4. Refill the engine with another gallon of distilled water. Flush (without the dishwasing detergent) again.

5. Drain, refill, flush (again, without the dishwashing detergent), and drain again.

6. Refill the system with 100% coolant of your choice (most people here use the green stuff). Run the engine and refill with enough distilled water to achieve a 57/43 mixture.

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