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Default Re: My best fuel economy so far

just got back from a trip to New Mexico, right at 1,300 miles round trip. Our '09 XR performed great and was never uncomfortable. Fuel economy varied by a fairly wide margin however....

Filled up here with 87 octane. Gas stations here advertise their gas as "100% gas - no ethanol". 348 miles and 16 gallons later at the next fill up gave me an average of 21.75 mpg. Most highway speeds were 70 mph, usually running the air on recirculate which evidently runs the a/c on a fairly minimal setting to provide cool and de-humidified air which kept us very comfortable. After reaching our destination, I didn't concern myself with mileage very much but I'd say we got somewhere in the 20 to 22 mpg range.

On the return trip I filled up with 86 octane fuel. Fuels there are marked at the pump "may contain up to 10% ethanol". The route we chose to return had a lot of up-hill roads which over a period of several miles would change the elevation greatly. At the next fill up after a stretch of 200 miles and 7 gallons, we averaged 28.5 mpg. Don't know why the huge increase in economy, but I'll take it.

I'm sure it didn't have anything to do with the possibility of ethanol being used. A year or so ago when gas reached record prices, gas stations here had that crap and our vehicles suffered a big loss in fuel economy.


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