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I was having problems with the gas pedal of my 2002 SC2 sticking when first starting out. Some days it would stick and other days it wouldn't. It was kind of annoying and I found myself having to push down harder than I should to get going. I've never done anything to my car besides change the oil and spark plugs, but the guide to cleaning the throttle body was very easy to follow. I figure I saved at least $75-$100 by doing the job myself.

The only difference in my car and the instructions was my TB had 4 bolts instead of 2. That threw me off for a second when I couldn't lift it up. The entire job took me around 1.5 hours and half of that was cleaning off the built up carbon. The back of the throttle plate was solid black. I bought my car used a few months ago and I doubt that it had ever been cleaned.

Remember to re-attach the throttle cable when you are done... I didn't do it and couldn't figure why my gas peddle was on the floor. I laughed at myself when I realized what I had forgotten.

I think my MPG is even better after I cleaned it, but I haven't had a fill-up since I did the work, so I could be wrong on that. Could cleaning the TB increase MPG?


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