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Default Re: 2 transmissions 1 year?

Originally Posted by Low Saturn View Post
1991-2002 automatic transmission casings are almost identical. The only difference is the deletion of the front mount provision and threaded provisions for the upper mount which appeared in 1992. Neither of which would effect anything in your car. So their explanation there is total B.S.

If the timing chain really did snap and there were no noticable signs beforehand, then they obviously did something wrong. The transmission connects to the crank, the crank connects to the timing chain. So it is possible the two could be related.

They told me that as far as they were concerned, it is 2 seperate incidents that have nothing to do with eachother.

When they fixed it the first time and put the new tranny in, and i took it back cause i wasnt happy- they called me and said they fixed the problem with the rough sounds. But they said the noise was comming from under the hood and it sounded like a sewing machine.

- no i did not check the oil - i drove it home - 2 mins away

and then it died when i took it to the store

called the saturn dealer ship and all they can find is a used engine - 2200 in total for install


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