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Default Re: 2 transmissions 1 year?

Alright - so im about to go postal!!!

Paid 1200 to fix tranny, i pick up the car and its running a bit rough, when you start from a dead stop in 1st, or cuising around in a parking lot in 2nd (low rps) it felt like something is grinding or rubbing. So i took the car back to the garage and told them to fix it. They told me that the grinding was because the casing from the new tranny is slightly thicker then the old one.

I told the guy that made no sense to me, shouldn't all trannys be the exact same size, and he says no.

So then they "fix" the problem, i pick up the car, drive it twice, once home, and once to the store, on my way to the store, it stalls and wont start.

i push it onto a side street and leave it there for the night.

So i walk into the shop the next morning, toss the keys on the counter and say call me when its fixed.

They call me tell me that the timing chain snapped. - But i have what is called an interference engine - what that means is when the chain snaps - it wrecks the piston - which wrecks this and that - AND NOW I NEED A NEW ENGINE!


After 15 mins of yelling at them, they tell me that there is no way the two problems are connected.

Am i crazy....did they f my car?

PLease advise


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