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Default Re: 2 transmissions 1 year?

Originally Posted by Low Saturn View Post
So the difference in replacing a tranny plus a clutch and just replacing the tranny is $900? For a $100 clutch? Same amount of work is involved. Just take an extra five minutes or less two R&R the clutch/pressure plate. It should be removed and cleaned anyway since its probably covered in tranny fluid.

I regularly pick up transmissions for $69.99. Every couple months pick-n-pull has a half priced weekends and I get them for $39.98. If I know a half priced weekend is coming up, I go there during the week and remove a couple transmissions. Then I hide them at the other end of the yard in a truck or van and come back during the weekend and pick them up.
Thats awesome - unfortunately im not mechanically inclined enough to pull apart my transmission, what im amazed at is the fact that a used transmission + labour costs me $1000 (canadian) am i gettin robbed on labour?


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