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Default Re: Transmission Jumps

Originally Posted by imahackster View Post
As you begin to "coast" at say 45mph as you approach 40mph it feels as though someone steps on the brakes, until you reach about 37 mph or so. If during this "braking" period you begin to accelerate the Outlook jumps and you can hear/feel the transmission slam back into gear. I took it back to the dealer tonight on my way home from work and by 7:30 they called, said this is normal all the 07 Outlooks do this. They claim to have driven 2 others on the lot and they did it as well. All I can say is all Outlooks may do this, but it is not normal.

My wife loves her Saturn Ion, but if this is normal, it will be my last.
If I understand what you are describing I have noticed this. There have been other threads on this subject. Some of the problems were corrected with the flash update back in the summer.

The thing to remember is that your Outlook is a giant computer that has learned for the most part you driving habits. When you change from the norm, your Outlook doesn't always know how to respond and you have that "jump". I have talked to the dealership about this and they said it is not uncommon. I have noticed that when I do accelerate like stated above now, the transition is smoother as the Outlook has learned that I drive that way.

I hope that makes since, I would not be overly worried, unless after 3 or 4 thousand miles it is still doing it.

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