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Default Re: Aura remote start

Personally, I have a DEI remote start system. It's a standard remote start with additional features for running other things if needed, like a turbo timer to allow additional engine idling time to let the turbo have circulating oil to remove heat from hot runs. It came with two remotes but the system was installed by those car stereo stores found everywhere. I didn't get the DEI remotes as the installer programmed the system to accept Saturn remotes to startup. I liked it because I loathe carrying a pair of remotes when one will do. I'll describe the DEI interface with Saturn's factory theft deterrent system because the aftermarket system must work with any factory security system sophisticated enough to disable injectors, spark, fuel pump or starter. There's more to remote starting than most can imagine.

Presuming most, if not all remote start systems (whether factory or aftermarket), one key to security is to disable remote start if a thief tries to drive away - by disabling the engine immediately when the brake pedal is pressed before shifting from park to drive or reverse. I'm presuming every vehicle requires pressing the brake pedal to unlock the shift lever before shifting can occur. Remote start monitors the brake pedal, ignition switch, shift lever position and other sensors before allowing remote starting. If any one of these sensors is detected out of position, remote start will not occur. When remote start does occur, if anyone doesn't insert the ignition key and turn on ignition, pressing the brake pedal automatically disables the engine and returns the vehicle to security with security flashing because the remote start system doesn't detect the ignition switch being turned on. While this may seem confusing, it's all part of security and safety against driving away without an ignition key. The sophistication of EFI systems, anti theft systems and remote starting requires advanced electronics to allow all these systems to work perfectly. This isn't wiring an alarm system into a car. Mine was a Xmas gift and came as a brand new kit. I was told not to try installing it as the installation was included and all I had to do was arrange a time for installation. I read the installation manual and realized this was way more than some simple wiring project. Unless you have advanced electronics and thoroughly familiar with EFI systems and factory security, anyone is capable of screwing up wiring. The major issue is knowing how factory security works, all the wiring involved and ensuring the aftermarket remote start kit is completely compatible with make and model. And it helps if there's online or phone support if problems pop up. Terms used are generic so interpreting installation instructions can also lead to confusion. I was glad I didn't have to install my remote start because of wiring and confusing terms from the installation manual not matching Saturn (or any other brand) terms as related to security. There are many capable of diy remote start installations so you should do as much preparation as possible if you're not knowledgeable in vehicle electronics and security systems.

Most early remote start systems require an additional module, described as a bypass module, custom designed for each brand of vehicle's security system. When remote starting, the factory security system is temporarily bypassed to allow engine starting. I have this bypass module to bypass Passlock. A few times when remote start failed to startup, in very cold weather, I wasn't aware of trying to manually startup when the remote switched back to factory security, Passlock disabling injectors. A mandatory 10 minute timeout with ignition on until Passlock was reset to allow starting. I went into the owner's manual and set the remote start timer from default to .75 or 1 second of cranking time so cold engine starts would work. Mine tries starting three times before giving up and reverting to factory security. When remote start fails to start the engine during its three attempts, I have to interrupt it by pressing the brake pedal - this breaks the remote start system program, forces it to return security back to Passlock before I insert and turn the ignition key to startup. If I'm not mistaken, all remote start systems are integrated in every vehicle with factory theft deterrent systems whether factory or aftermarket remote start.

If you search in the Vue forums, one member has a stable of three Vues and installed them all with a bulldog remote start system.

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