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2008 AURA XE
Default Note to self...don't fill the gas tank to the brim...

I heard gas was going up so I went to fill up. When the pump clicked off I tried to squeeze in enough to get up to the next full dollar.
Next day my Wife complained that the remote start wasn't working, I remembered, check engine light comes on, remote start quits working.
My scanner showed two ECM codes. P0449 - Evap vent solenoid control circuit and P0455 - Evap system large leak.
I thought it too coincidental that I would get the codes right after filling up. I noticed the faint smell of gas around the back of the car. My first guess was a loose gas cap. I cleaned up the sealing ring and put it on good and tight. I cleared the codes but next day P0455 returned. The scanner showed the tank to be 100.50% full. Went for a drive to bring the tank level down and so far the codes have not returned and the scanner readings of the parameters around the Evap system look normal. I'm pretty sure the charcoal canister got saturated with fuel from the too full tank. I hope I'm right, time will tell.
Some words of wisdom...
When the pump stop...

2008 Saturn Aura XE 3.5L 4 spd
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