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Default Re: Manual Trans Quil Oil Seal

Originally Posted by ssicarman View Post
Welcome to the Board.

Congratulations on digging up a 5 year old thread.

To answer the question--no.

The quill seal is is a lip seal not an oring so an oring would not work even if you could get it somewhere close to where it may do any good.
Was the clutch replaced when the quill seal was done? Are you getting trans fluid out the bottom of the engine trans joint?
Hi, according to the clutch shop (which has since gone out of business - ominous sign) BOTH the quill bearing/seal and the engine rear main bearing seal were replaced, along with the clutch. They showed me a line item on the bill indicating that the transmission was sent out to a specialist for the quill bearing/seal replacement.

I foolishly did not ask for parts back and am now wondering whether any of the work was done at all!

That was the second clutch replacement within 14,000 miles after more than 90,000 miles of trouble-free driving.

90,000 mostly freeway miles - clutch slipped
new clutch - "seals look fine" says the shop
101,000 miles clutch slips - parts replaced under warranty - "clutch soaked in -oil-" says the shop - "need to replace transmission seal" and they claimed they did. New clutch too, and I said "better replace the main bearing seal while you are in there" and they claim they did.
123,000 miles clutch slips again... and here I am.

Car is up on ramps at the moment and I poked around with a Q-tip in the inspection port. There were drops of engine oil at the bottom of the bell housing (no trace of pink, no odor (I use Mobile 1)) and the swabs I poked deeply into the clutch guts came back black and greasy-looking. Swabs on flywheel teeth came back dry.

Transmission fluid is 3/4 full.

I'm thinking of pulling the starter to get a finger on the engine side of the flywheel (based on all the incredible tips and information in these forums) before I resort to more drastic measures.

I also checked the little well by the EGR valve and it was dry, and I wiped the back of the valve cover with a paper towel and it came back dirty but dry.

The passenger-side axle seal seems to be leaking. It looks a little messy in that area and there are tinges of pink in the goo. I don't think that's related to clutch slippage - the bigger problem.

The clutch only slips in 5th under heavy acceleration - so far

1998 SW2 DOHC stock everything. Car is in great shape and gets 40+MPG at 55 MPH - a keeper if I can solve this.



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