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Default Re: What they can't take from my showroom

Originally Posted by marx404 View Post
Well the negative sentiment here needs to stop, now. Jill was only being supportive to others and it is really low class to post things like Saturn Sucks and other 6th grade idiot hate spew.

I started here on SaturnFans in 2002 and liked the people here enough, they were supportive, friendly and helpful. I liked the camaraderie here and my Saturn so much that I went to work for Saturn.
This morning when I came to work, our dealership, Saturn of Florence SC shuttered it's doors after deciding it didn't make sense to have 2 stores, they consolidated with Columbia, almost 100 miles away. We have all lost our jobs, well at least until we get another one. I agree with Jill that what good things we learned from Saturn we will carry on wherever we go. Well said.

To all the others so busy being mean and trolling up trouble: Whatever your sentiment about Saturn, GM, Penske, Renault, Samsung, whatever, please, can you people get over it like adults and act civilized for one day and be supportive of each other instead of fighting? Arguing Sucks and so do mean people.
I wholeheartedly agree, we need to be supportive and compassionate now--many good people are losing or may lose their jobs--I've been there and its not fun--but I am confident that they will find something else and move
on. But right now they need our support--they certianly gave us support and service when we were their customers. And to those who don't like Saturn--feel free to drive something else. I'm keeping mine.


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