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Default Re: What they can't take from my showroom


Well said.. I've belonged here for years and have posted but not as much as I should.. But have always read and do appreciate all that charlie and the gang have done here over the years.

Well with the end in site I need to add my 2 cents as well. This is not meant to offend the "newer" saturn owners in any way shape or form. As far as that goes we should welcome them as orphans we all are.

Ok here goes. I've been a believer/buyer/backer of saturn since day one. Between me and my family we have owned over 12 saturns over the years. I've been to the "Family reunions" I've been to my own dealerships events such as road ralleys,family nights,workshops for new owners, etc etc..

Saturn to me was a success and history will show it as well but lets face it. the end started in the late 90's with the introduction of the "L"series. A great car don't get me wrong but the first saturn built not a spring hill but elswhere. It had opel roots and although most of the vehicle was TPR the back quarter panels were steel, that was needed to strengthen the body. Saturn desperately needed a mid-size car and GM thought the "L" would be it. But I'm getting technical here.

The final straw to me was when the Home of saturn spring hill was changed for life. Saturn became another GEO line at that point and it was over.
I will miss my dealership/friends. I will still support one of the best american auto manufacturing idea of modern times.

On a plus note.... Remember a saturns roots can be traced back to 1984 in the form of a Fiero. The begining of TPR fenders and space frame. Now look they are worth some real money now and the were orpahned as well.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and WELCOME all Saturn Orpahns new and old, as long as it has a red (or black) S on it its still a saturn!

Rich B.


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