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Default What they can't take from my showroom

They can take my new Saturn cars.
They can take my Saturn signage.
They can take my Saturn uniforms.

They CAN'T take the core Saturn values that I will continue to believe in and practice.
They CAN'T take my skills and abilities as a sales and internet professional.
They CAN'T take my confidence in my owner and dealer principle.
They CAN'T take the pride I have in being part of Saturn for almost 10 years.
They CAN'T take my desire to succeed.

I will survive.
I will thrive.
I will be proud that Saturn made me who I am, made my customers who they are.
I will always be, Saturn personified...even if I can't be Saturn in name.

Thanks to everyone for their support and belief in Saturn,
Jill Brumley
Saturn of Cary


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