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Default Won't turn over & key fob stopped working while wiring radio

So... I've been looking forward to wiring my new headunit and sub today but wasn't expecting this challenge. I ran my power and ground cables but they aren't connected to anything yet, and I removed my stock radio just fine. Drove the car around, all was good. Then I ran my remote and signal cables and somewhere along the line must have screwed something up, becuase now I can't get the car to turn over and I also noticed the key fob doesn't work.

The battery appears to be fully charged (as I learned from hooking up my battery charger) and the headlights, hvac, brake lights all work and I can hear the fuel pump coming on. I checked basically all the fuses and they are still good. I hear a click when I try to turn it over but it sounds like its maybe coming from a relay and not the starter.

I also realized I had left my ebay radio wiring harness plugged in with partilaly exposed wires while the battery was hooked up. So there is the (slight) possibility that I may have fried something if the 12v line floated around and touched something. The only other thing I did was remove the fuse panel cover and some other trim pieces to run my wires. The new radio isn't hooked up yet.

So, any thoughts? I saw another thread mentioning something called the BCM that links the remote and ignition, could this have anything to do with that?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated of course.

By the way, its a 1999 SC2, manual, power locks, power windows, remote entry etc
'99 Saturn SC2 5 speed, White
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