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2001 L-Series 2.2L Sedan
Default Re: 2001 L200 Computer Issues...

Originally Posted by pierrot View Post
Welcome to SaturnFans! Yup, I would be annoyed with this problem as well. The thing is, it can get worse. There are two computers in the L Series cars with the ECOTEC 2.2L, the Powertrain Control Module and the Body Control Module. The PCM deals with the engine and transmission including ignition, emission, and transmission electronic controls and sends information through to the BCM when an error is detected illuminating the engine warning light. Basically, this is about powertrain performance.

The BCM controls or monitors all non-powertrain functions of the car as their wiring from the switches or gauges are directed to and out from the BCM. I'd suggest searching the threads for BCM problems. I think that you're experiencing intermittent failure of that component. The BCM is located on top of the glove box (out of view) and when it goes bad divergent, seemingly unrelated problems are exhibited: headlights, door locks, and especially instrument cluster irregularities have been described in these forums.

Thank you for your time to reply. I will look into that. I appreciate your help


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