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1997 SL1
Dizzy All Sorts of Problems!... i think

I recently bought a 97 SL1 1.9 SOHC (although im finding that appropriate parts are for a 98) with 209k miles about two months ago or so
Old owner said it ran good with high milage oil and a bottle of injector cleaner in the tank. He said it would throw an EGR engine code (no P0# given) now and then and had some idle oddities and such i would expect of a car of this high milage.
Bought it and ran it solid for two months, changed oil and bypassed the injector cleaner.
Engine light came on for me and i took it to AZ, Codes thrown
Cleaned EGR... with seafoam.. hope that wasnt a mistake
And it was.. mediocre, still ran, shot seafoam smoke out the back
Changed plug wires, still had a miss, still ran it
Then One instance i was stopped on a hill (i typically put the car in neutral at a stop, it seemed to idle better) and i when i took off, complete lack of power, engine light flashing at me and horrible shudder. Limped Home with multiple stops (thought i was about to overheat or destroy the transmission or something bad!) and took it to a local shop and read the codes. Sadly i didnt get the numbers but it had about 17 codes in it and possibly also in the history.
#4 Cylinder has very weak spark and when pulling the plug wire while running it barely affects the engine. Cylinder 1 almost kills it if pulled. Cylinder 2 makes it about half power when pulled. Cylinder four spark plug is DOUSED in fuel when removed, Cylinder four injector has been replaced and doesnt match, it has three ports on the injector tip while the other three look to have a screen on the tip (difference between 97 & 98 i believe). Swapped #4 injector with #1 and now when #4 plug wire is pulled it affects the engine more than with the odd injector. valve lifters seem to be in working order when the cover is pulled. Pulled o2 sensor and took it down the road and it runs rough. I dont know why i keep thinking this but i feel like its over fueling and ... ugh i dont know
Things i have done that havent really helped..
02 Sensor
Plugs (NGK)
Fuel Filt
Cleaned throttle body and IAC
Both coil packs spark while cranking with the boots off the towers
Fuel pressure is reading good
Wires(I tried AC Delco but they were crap and the insulator boot pulled off so i put on an expensive set from a VW that seem to work pretty darn good)
Compression Test - 1=190 2=85 3=210 4=220
now i know the #2 cylinder is running low but the symptoms are very odd. When the odd ball injector was changed to cylinder 1, engine mounting surface, grounding bolts and ICM. I am pulling my hair out... and there wasnt much there to begin with. After most of that i get this string of codes.. under what conditions im not quite sure.. changed a bunch of things around and getting it out to erase the codes is a bit troublesome... so there could be some old/odd data here



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