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Default Re: new water pump/oil in coolant

1) Buy the following. 1 bottle of Prestone or Peak system flush, 2.5 gallon drain pan, 2 or 3 5 gallon buckets with lids, 2 gallons of NEW antifreeze, distilled water, a new thermostat, pressure cap radiator hoses, and enough bulk heater hose to replace the heater hoses. Its not a bad idea to rent a pressure tester from Advance or Autozone.

2) Drain the coolant from the radiator, engine block, and surge tank. Best way to drain the block is to remove the plug in the block or the lower hose off the radiator. RECOVER THE ANTIFREEZE AND FLUSH LIQUIDS AND DISPOSE OF THEM ACCORDING TO YOUR LOCAL REGULATIONS Put the old antifreeze and flush water in the buckets
3) Fill with 1 bottle of Prestone flush and clean water; tap water is OK for flushing. Drive the car until warm, WATCH THE GAUGE you don't want to overheat the engine. Shut down the engine and let it cool until warm to touch. When cool drain the radiator, engine block, and surge tank.
4) Refill with water, drive until warm, use the pressure tester to check for leaks, let cool warm to touch, drain the radiator, engine block, and surge tank.
5) Replace the thermostat, radiator hoses, heater hoses, and pressure cap.
6) Refill with 50/50 mix of antifreeze and DISTILLED WATER. Use distilled water dont use tap water as the minerals in tap water reduces the antifreeze ability to do its job.
7) Check for leaks and top off as needed when cold. It might take a couple of heat cycles warm up and cool down to purge out all the air in the cooling system.

Last but not least hand the bill to the hack, and demand reimbursement.

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