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2008 AURA XR
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Default FS: Miscellaneous Aura Parts

My 2008 Aura had a bent or misaligned (I don't remember exactly) reluctor wheel 1 year after I replaced the timing chain , so I traded her in February. I had the car from 47,000 miles to 77,000 miles with the majority of these parts going on the car around the 60,000 mile mark. So they all have relatively low miles. Let me know if you would like more picture or have any questions.

CRAB Intake option 3 with the front pipe upgrade - $200 + shipping (goes for $340 new)

I believe this to be the only CRAB intake that was made for the Saturn Aura. I met with Lampoon from the G6performance forum to have the cold air box fit the Saturn. If I remember correctly he said it was pretty similar to the G6 but there were some small changes to get the fitment perfect. I have a post on this forum from when I installed it on the car.

RacingLine Strut Tower Bar - $75 + shipping

RacingLine Grounding Kit with alternator cable - $75 + shipping

2008 Aura Service Manuals - $100 + shipping
a very small number of pages are loose from the binding but it is still complete. In book 1 I tried to show that the binding is damaged.

WAMS 93 Octane Tune only for 2008 Saturn Aura XR - $75 + shipping

*requires VIN transfer from WAMS (I believe that costs $100 but please email WAMS to make sure)* This part was on the car for less than 3000 miles.

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