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1995 SL
Default Re: HELP! high idle 1995 Saturn SL -- Vacuum Problem?

UPDATE: after wedging both vacuum hoses in the housing as tightly as could, the drive home wasn't so bad. still had a high rolling idle relative to what it was before (around 1,750). and on every shift the rpms revved to around 3,000. sitting idle was acceptable at 850. but i could tell something still not right. it took 3 seconds for the idle to drop, whereas before it was immediate.

but, here's the twist. i left my headlights on all day yesterday and drained the battery. i had to get 'jack rabbit' roadside to jump me. thx usaa tow insurance! props to jack rabbit for coming quickly. btw, i really don't like those side terminals on the battery. not a lot of post to grab with the cables. i was unsuccessful when i coworker tried to jump me with cables.

so i'm guessing that with the battery being completely dead, it may have 'reset' the pcm? just a guess, because the car ran flawlessly on the way to work this moring. i mean beautifully.

another miracle in the wonderful world of saturnland.


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