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2004 VUE Red Line
Default Re: GM settles suit for faulty Saturn trans - GM states claims are "widely exaggerate

By the same token, I should be compensated for the Vue not having as high of gas mileage as other cars. Other cars having engines that can get 40 mpg, why shouldn't mine? It's not like this information was hidden. If you google "Vue reviews" the first thing that comes up is edmunds reviewing them. And sure enough if you look in the section about the previous Vue model it talks about the CVT not being reliable long term. So you obviously didn't even take the time to read a review on the car. Ignorance is no excuse, it is a failure on your part.

I don't intend to drive my Vue for 75k, and while mine does have over 80k on it now, only 20k of them are mine. And I got an extended warranty to make sure that if anything went wrong on a higher mileage vehicle like mine I'd be covered. Saturn extended the warranty to 75k miles and never let anyone who was withing a reasonable amount of time be hung out to dry. They actually extended the warranty past the reasonable expectations on the 4 speed which was 36k miles. The warranty is there to give you a reasonable expectation on when stuff is going to start breaking.

The only people I feel bad for are the people who bought the first model year of them and had no way of finding out about the issues. But they also had time to get out before the boat sank. I know I would have when I started to hear reports of problems.

The resale on Vues suck anyways. Honestly, how much would YOU pay for a used 4 cylinder SUV with little or no amenities? Even if it was only 2 years old, it's still a car they'll sell for maybe $10k. I got offered $6k for mine when I was looking at a certain TBSS, I laughed at him and started to walk out and before I could get out of the chair he went up $2k. I've gotten offers for $12k from some used dealers, when the car is not worth near that much. It's all bargaining (and what they have into the other vehicle).

MikeC, how do you know your car was worth more than 6-8k? Hopes and dreams? KBB? There's more factors at play than you're seeing for a used car's value. If you come in with a cheap SUV looking to trade in for another cheap SUV that's used, they're not going to make any money. So why would they want to sell you a car if they're not going to make money, they have to spend time reconditioning your car, paying salesmen, etc., and then they have to now sell your car. It's very reasonable to say that your car was only worth 6k on a used Element. Did you honestly think they were going to give you like 10k on a car that is maybe 13k?

Your sentiments of "I hope I get something out of this" is the problem here. Everyone wants a hand-out. So because you didn't research that the transmission had problems, now everyone who buys a GM car has to suffer with higher prices. I may be cruel, but at least I'm not a fool. It's not anyone but your own fault for not reading reviews that talked about this.


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