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1999 SW1
Default Re: 19999 SW1 temp gauge behaving oddly after radiator replacement

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
I'm old school too but kept up with changes to EFI systems. My L300 and $150 service manuals (bought back in '05) allows me to stay abreast of changes while educating my me on the nuances. There's no stopping off progress with cars.

If you know the bolt size is 10mm, can you remove any similar bolt to see if it fits the threaded mounting hole? Some careful experimenting can help determine which metric nut or bolt is needed before going to Home Depot for replacements.
All I knew was that the head of the bolt fit a 10mm socket. Didn't know the bolt diameter, thread size or length. BUT, I located one of the blind-nut clips that was left over from the radiator job (the radiator came with 4 and I only needed 3). Took that nut to Home Depot and found a bolt that fit it. Turned out to be a 6mmx1.0, 20mm long. didn't have the fancy head with the built-in washer, so I slipped a properly sized stainless steel washer down the bolt shaft and threaded it in. It fits like a glove. tomorrow I get to determine whether the fan will turn on when it should - and get a temperature reading just in case. Good thing I fixed the heater core and the misfire in the Jetta on Saturday, so I have something to drive to the parts stores!


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